The Dangers of School Lunch By : Nahum Ephrem

Have you ever wondered what are in those mystery burgers or those salty fries in the school menus?

Well if you found out, you’ll think twice about letting your kids eat that. Schools across the country are rethinking the contents in the school lunch menus. Some school lunches contain poor nutritional content and should be improved to meet the nutritional standards. Schools across the country do not meet the nutritional needs and expectations of our students. Because lunches contain such little nutrients, often too high in calories and fat, and there are little variety in the meal choices.

Those lunches contain little nutrients that can support the students health in class and outside.

According to “ in some cases, school lunches have simply resulted in small and unsatisfying meals to stay with in caloric restrictions and contain little nutrients to provide the needed vitamins and proteins throughout the day, (Bruno)”. This results in starvation which is dangerous for our young ones, which results in distractions in class. Food that contains little nutrients makes the person feel more hungry and have little energy to complete common tasks throughout the school day. This should not continue and we should take steps to give the needed energy for our students to learn and grow.

School lunches are also often too high in calories and fat. According to the Weight-Control Information Network, “about a third of kids and adolescents in the United States are overweight or obese. (Ipatenco)” This is caused by excessive eating of foods that are high in sugar and fat. Oftenly, processed food usually have a higher chance to contribute this and is dangerous for our students because it gives a high risk of chronic health problems in the future. All these things can be avoided if the schools would decide to implement fresher foods that are lower in calories and provide better nutrients for their growth.

Some people say that school lunches are healthy. But not all schools offer the same nutritional values as they do. According to The Huffington Post, “A group of students a Chicago Public High School are complaining about the poor food, they claim that some of their meals are spoiled and undercooked (Erbentraut).” This quote shows how some schools have poor meals and should be improved. Undercooked meals leads to food poisoning and sickening. That being said school lunches need to be improved and should be taken as priority to provide enough nutrition to fuel our students correctly.

In summary, the evidence and claims lead to that school lunches are very poor health and should meet the nutritional guidelines by not exceeding the caloric restriction and provide enough nutrition to make the student full and happy. Don’t you want a better lunch that can leave you filled and energized?

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