Poems JOvany fajardo

Shakespearean Sonnet The best day of the week is on Friday It is my favorite day of the week I stay up all night and sit by the bay Fridays I go out and play hide and seek I always go out with my friends at night We usually go out to parties We usually see something like a fight Sometimes people see their worst enemies People start stuff then police start coming Then these cop start discriminating And these cop are really annoying Later people are took into booking People get crazy and use sledgehammers Now, this is judgment day brown lives matter
6 word memoir: My Life is going very good
Element Poem #1: I hate school I Can’t stand school My bookbag so heavy it feels like carrying boulders School is like a prison Get up at a certain time Have to be at school at a certain time We eat lunch at a certain time We don’t get any free time We are locked in a classroom for a good bit Barely see our friends We have to follow a bunch of rules We can’t have our phones We always have to pay attention This is why I hate school
Created By
Jovany Fajardo-Bernardino


Created with images by nidan - "fireworks sky party" • abulhussain - "Party" • kevin dooley - "Tree of Life" • jarmoluk - "apple education school"

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