Keeping Fit during your vacation Compiled by the RobinetPT Staff

It's Summer. There are vacation days to be used. Use them Wisely.

Here are a few tips we've pulled together to help you maintain your therapy goals while enjoying your time off.

The world is your gym

You'll want to check with your PT to make sure you don't overdo it, but your vacation environment can provide many opportunities to meet your therapy goals.

  • Walk on the beach. Run on the trail.
  • Canoe, kayak or paddle board
  • Find a walking tour or a good hiking trail
  • Swim or walk in the lake, ocean or hotel pool
  • Borrow or rent a bike and cruise around the beach or the village or the cottage

Using exercise bands as part of your routine? They're easy to pack and work as well on the hotel room door as they do at home.

Got a little extra room in your suitcase? Consider a yoga mat, especially if there are a lot of sandy feet on the floor.

From the Los Angeles Times

Get in the water

Water provides resistance for a great workout. Going snorkeling can burn hundreds of calories.

Walking through the water can give you as much resistance as your exercise bands.

Plan ahead for a healthy trip.

There are more healthy choices on the ground than there are on the plane.

Likewise, there are more healthy choices at home than there are at that convenience store where you stop for gas.

Consider a good meal before you leave or a cooler full of healthy snacks in the car.

Workout early in the day

Planning your exercises in the morning before a full day of sight–seeing will make it more likely you will achieve your goal.

Plus it can help you adjust to time changes and jet lag. Get up 30–minutes early and go through your therapy routine.

Go easy on the alcohol

Alcohol interferes with metabolism and sleep cycles, which may already be off from your travels.

If you do drink, says the Los Angeles Times, stick with cocktails based on clear liquors like vodka and tequila, which has a low glycemic index since it's made from agave. Avoid sugary mixes.

Stay hydrated

You'll thank us for this one. You're likely to be more active, want to do more and keep on going.

Carrying a cold water bottle is a great way to keep your body hydrated. A well–hydrated body performs better.

Stay fit during your vacation

You're probably going to overeat at least once on your vacation. You're probably going to avoid anything that looks like work.

Adding physical activity and your therapy goals into your vacation schedule is going to make you feel better about yourself and keep your progress going.

So indulge (in moderation) and have a great trip.


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