Sino-Indo Relations Manuel Ledesma | Andrew Pearce | Elizabeth Maimonis | Tessa Nyquist

Meet the Team:

Tessa Nyquist, Senior Political Science & Computer Science Double-Major
Elizabeth Maimonis, Senior Political Science Major; Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications Minor
Manuel Ledesma, Senior Political Science Major; Public Policy & Administration Minor
Andrew Pearce, Senior International Affairs Major; Economics & Chinese Double-Minor

Our Goal:

To analyze the significance of water and determine the degree to which water resources will continue to affect the relationship between India and China. Our focus surrounds major rivers in the South and Southeast Asian regions, with contributing factors such as population, resources, and climate change.

Supplemental Resources:

We knew that the NGA would benefit from a data visualization aspect along with an Executive Summary of our findings as the primary products to our research. Within the NGA, Executive Summaries are the most straightforward way to synthesize and analyze data in a concise manner, therefore this was the most relevant aspect of our product. The StoryMap allowed us to go more in-depth on our Executive Summary and represent our findings visually.

Progress Report:

Our progress report updates provide a clear outline of the process we took to narrow and specify our topic as well as draw our conclusions. By laying out each step, our thought process is explained to the viewer.


Created with an image by Bill Oxford - "Man holding glass globe in hands. Concept for CHINA global warming, climate change, environmental protection."