Ch.23-25 By: Joshua Cross

At Anna's house everything is peaceful Rudi collects stones

And bark sticks

Shsha is no longer a puppy

She is a big muscular dog

One day without warning Josef returns

And at dinner tries to pick a fight with Rudi

Then Rudi tells Anna that as long as he is with her, she is in danger.

So Rudi goes to the barn where Josef is sleeping and wins a fight with him

Then Rudi goes into the wilderness

After a year, Rudi hears a man screaming "THE HUNS ARE ON THE RUN!!!!!!" Rudi asks what he means and he tells him that all of Poland is liberated then he runs off

That is the man telling everything that the Huns are on the run

Then Oscar comes and Rudi tells him that his scarf is burned

Then Rudi heads to Warsaw


Created with images by Couleur - "rise morning fog" • extranoise - "candle light dinner" • red, white, and black eyes forever - "Danger" • Eric, Eh? - "Barn" • chornamariya - "Forest" • ToNic-Pics - "leisure wildlife photography pet photography" • firepile - "Scarf" • Kuba Bożanowski - "Królewicz Morski"

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