Hawa draws its inspiration form the Sufi poetic soul.

Hawa in arabic and many other oriental languages is wind, and why wind? Because "wind blows where it wants", it is happening here and now, like a landscape opened to the wind.

Hawa is love, in the sense of "the wind of love". Could a tree say no to the wind? No, it is irresistible, definitive. It is a higher intensity of love.

Hawa also means nothing or almost nothing, a very tiny and light thing. It is the contrast between those two poles, a higher love and almost nothing, that reveals the sense. In resonance with another pair of words, attachment and detachement.

Hawa from an artistic view, is an attempt to gather three forms of art. Music, poetry and dance. Where each art is revealing the other. The image on stage is the whirling dancer, spiraling the gatherness to a higher sphere.

Hawa from a human and political view, is a gathering of Arabic,Israeli and wide world artists, arising the fact that it is not only possible to live but also to create together.

Hawa is a space of original compositions, where each musicians can freely improvise and circulate his art. The impact on the audience is deep and immediate.

"I have not yet fully digested the power of the dance and the music was so precise and empowering."

"I'm still in the vibration of all

The movement that was integrated in a truly brilliant way with Muhammad's amazing voice. "

"There was an essence of wisdom in the language of dance and music.

Thank you for moments of divine creation. "

Words written after the appearance of HAWA ...

Photos by Natasha Shakhnes
Photos by Cory Goldberg
Photos by Rajvi Vaya

HAWA - GOA - 2014


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