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Purpose: Start more awareness and make a bigger known presence for the company Faraday. #Faradayio #FaradayData

Goal: Increase social media presence in order to meet quote and reach break-even point by June. Lets expand the awareness and knowledge about Faraday. Post more frequently and consistently on all of the social media sites.

Mission: “To put data within every arm’s reach, to help every employee become so comfortable with data that reaching for it is second nature, and to deliver information, insight, and wonder when that reach comes.”

What can be done to help:

  • Follow accounts
  • Like posts and pictures
  • Comment on posts and pictures
  • Share posts and pictures to broaden the audience

Social Media

Proposal and Examples

Posting Times

  • Twitter: 6+ times a day. This includes retweets.
  • Facebook: Post ATLEAST once a day. Share and like interesting pages and osts with your audience .
  • Instagram: Post 3-5 times a week.
  • LinkedIn: Post ATLEAST once a day. Share and like interesting pages and posts with your audience.

Create a company hashtag for all platforms, such as:

#Faradayio #FaradayData

Homepage @ www.faraday.io

Instagram: Faraday.io

Post MORE!!! Lack of content.

Add personal pictures such as shown below in the few examples

Meet our team members of Faraday! Each person is special and unique in their own way. To learn more about Faraday and our team, visit our social media sites! Other than Instagram, we are on LinkedIn, Twitter, and working on a Facebook Page. Be sure to like, comment, and share posts! #Faradayio #FaradayData
CEO, President, and CTO. #Faradayio #FaradayData. Tell a story about the owners and what their vision of the company is.

Facebook Page: Faraday

Create a Facebook Page

The Facebook page should offer places and times of events, photos of the team and clients, success stories, personal experiences, and much more!

Once created, tell people to LIKE the page in order to get the latest information and updates about Faraday! Post it on your homepage website in order to get it out there to the audience. #Faradayio #FaradayData


More followers needed! #Faradayio #FaradayData

Make it personal and relatable to the common human!

Example of a personal post on LinkedIn

Two girls in the entire company? Pretty impressive to be one of them! Meet Rachel Boyle, a college graduate of Saint Michael's College Class of 2016. Rachel is a Sales Development Representative for Faraday. Link up with her on LinkedIn to learn more about the company and how to get involved! #Faradayio #FaradayData

Twitter @Faradayio #Faradayio #FaradayData

Need to post more often, and follow more people in order to get more people to follow you!

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