People Should Eat Vegetables By Tatiana Anserson

What people need to know is that it is important to eat vegetables. People should eat vegetables because they are healthy for you, they taste good, and most of all you can grow them yourself.

One reason that people should eat vegetables is that they are healthy for you. For example, vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories. Also,vegetables have carbohydrates which give you energy. In addition, they have vitamins and nutrients such as potassium, fiber, folate, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Another reason that people should eat vegetables is that they taste good. For example,there are different kinds of vegetables that people like such as corn, broccoli and green beans. Also, people can dip vegetable in different kinds of dressing. In addition people eat vegetables in restaurants with their meals.

Another reason that people should eat vegetables is that you can grow them in a garden. For example, at school we have a garden club. We grow carrots, watermelon and other kinds of fruits and vegetables. Also, at the White House, Michele Obama used a corner of the White House lawn to grow lettuce, chard and kale. On the website, in the article “10 Easy-Grow Veggies for Your Kids’, the author says that kids can grow sugar snap peas, lettuce, spinach and other leafy greens, radishes, carrots, potatoes, green, beans, sungold cherry tomatoes, pumpkins, sun flowers and broccoli. The author also says that homegrown vegetables are cheaper, they’re local, they can be organic and they’re less likely to have food-safety issues. In addtion the website says that anything that holds soil and has good drainge can be used to make a garden and that gardens can be any shape.

People should eat more vegetables because they are important for your body. I hope you will eat healthy vegetables.


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