ME by: landon child

My Hero

My hero is my dad. I chose him because he has tough me about cars, the woods, how to make a fire, the t.v.,and many other things. He has helped me with many other things. He is my hero.

My Career

The career that i want to have is to be an engineer. An engineer can make a good amount of money, so money won't be a problem. The job of an engineer is a fun job and a life long job.

My Interests & Activities

My hobbies are to go in the forest and explore the surrounding area. Another interest that i have is to do electronics and video games. these are only a few of my interests.

Something That I am Proud of

Something that I am proud of is being able to throw a card across the room with good accuracy. I have hit many people with cards from across the room. I have also gotten a card stuck in between a light and the ceiling. I am very proud of my ability.

My favorite food

My favorite food is panda express. This food is one of a kind type of food. I will try to have this food at least once per month. My whole family likes panda express. I will always like this food.


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