Japan Customs by jackie pirir - yoc


The Feudal system is the way Japan's society was organized. The Feudal system helped Japan by giving it order. This custom lasted about 700 years. Without it, Japan wouldn't have lasted very long, and it wouldn't be an organized society. Rank was very important, which was determined by birth family. It was by rank rather than qualities and/or skill. The ranks had access to certain privileges like the housed they lived in, how many servants they could have, their clothes color and many more things. The head of the military government of Japan in the era of the samurai was called a Shogun. He ruled the land, and was in charge of Japan.

Feudal Pyrimid


Bushido was the samurai's code. The code was used to prove the samurai's loyalty. Bushido made samurai loyal to there masters or lords. Without Bushido, the samurai could have betrayed Japan. Also, the samurai wouldn't be loyal to their lord or master. The people of Japan also wouldn't have been protected.



Woman in japan would take a lot of time on the way they look to be beautiful. For example, they would remove their eye brows, and blacken their teeth. A person in the Heian period was jugged on weather they had good taste and how they look. Woman were ¨beautiful¨ if they had a white face, long hair, and red lipstick.


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