Gina Woodward, CSCS, XPS SPorts performance and injury prevention specialist

Practicing soccer alone is no longer enough in these days of high performance science and technology within sports. Here at Spurs, we now have a specialist paving the way with an integrative, progressive methodology based around developing the brain- to- body connection first, whilist improving speed, strength, power, technique, and of course injury prevention. Does your athlete want to play in college and beyond? Here at Spurs we now have the specialized training and knowledge to help get your athlete there, both academically and technically.

Why is this important?

Traditional training methodologies forget that the brain is responsible for everything! Whether it is trying to improve dribbling, shooting, speed, agility, power, etc, the brain is responsible for it all. Everyone wants to be faster and stronger, but speed and strength qualities, as well as soccer technical excellence, is directly based on how well the brain controls the body.

In the arena of injury prevention, it has been proven that most injuries, especially ACL tears in women, are due to a lack of coordination, myelination, and neuromuscular efficiency. Our sessions integrate the scientifically proven overload, bilateral brain training with everything from soccer technical skill development to high performance functional speed and strength training.

As a added bonus, not only do our sessions improve the athlete, bilateral hemisphere training has been research proven to improve cognitive skills such as concentration, information processing, and focus in the classroom! The next generation of technology and knowledge is here for the pros, why not have your young athlete start now?!

Here is some additional information on Life Kinetik, the methodology we follow and build our sessions around

We Offer a Variety of Programs For all Needs!

EVERY THURSDAY 4-5 at Ice Chamber Athletic Performance


Every program is available at anytime, including off-seasons, and can be offered in a individual, small group, or team environments, with flexible scheduling and locations as well as package deals.

We also offer adult fitness classes during team practice times! Please inquire for days and times. Get your training while your Spur trains!

Face behind the Name! About Gina

Gina fell in love with high performance training at the age of 11, where she was lucky enough to play for a club who also hired in a strength and conditioning specialist to work with her team. Ever since then, Gina has been trained, educated, and employed in world class training facilities, such as CATZ and EXOS, with world renowned performances coaches including Jim Liston, Director of Sports Science at Toronto FC, as well as Mark Verstegen, President and Founder of EXOS and Core Performance as well is the Performance coach for the German national soccer team.

Gina has a passion for taking athletes to their next level and takes a special interest in female ACL/ Injury prevention. Gina graduated from UC Berkeley with Honors in Sociology and Pre-Medicine. She holds the highest performance certification in the world, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, as well as an EXOs performance methodology certification, XPS. Gina began coaching her first performance classes at the age of 20, in the world class facility at CATZ in Pasadena, CA and has over 6 years of experience running group performance classes as well as individual training sessions ranging from young athletes to professionals to adult fitness classes.

Gina began playing competitive soccer at the young age of 7 and received a scholarship to play Division 1 soccer at UC Berkeley. She went pro at the age of 20, playing for the Bay Area Breeze and went to Scotland and England on a 4 game tour, playing against Scottish League powerhouses Hutchison Vale and Hibernian, as well as English Premier giant Liverpool Ladies. Gina still has a active soccer and training career herself, playing and captaining the Lady Spurs for the last two years.

Gina also holds a United Soccer Coaches Level 3 Coaching License, USSF D Coaching License, United Soccer Coaches Grassroots, 4v4/7v7/9v9/11v11 Coaching Diploma, and AC Fiorentina Basic Methodology Coaching Certificate

Inaugural Season Recap

This spring season was the first season Coach Gina was employed out to work with various teams in the club, and lets say it was a success! A whole variety of teams, ages, and levels experienced her unique and cutting edge programs, with testimonial after testimonial streaming in. Gina had a packed weekly schedule, working with over fourteen teams a week with the occasional addition of one to three teams a week as well! Teams with the most sessions included the 2006 Boys age group, 2009 Boys age group, 2005 Boys age group, 2006 Girls, 2007 Girls and boys, 2008 Boys age group, 2004 Girls age group, and the 2003 Boys Gold team. As a pilot program, the 2005 boys age group have begun specialized energy systems development training using heart rate monitor technology for truly personalized, precise conditioning and recovery training.

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