Mermaids By:Taylor Zeman

Theory 1

Do you believe that mermaids exist? Mermaids are rare to find anymore, but they are still out there. A mermaids are a creature that live in the oceans all around the world. Mermaids are not what we picture them to be, they are slimy and the have a weird shaped tail, they are human that have a fish tail. On Animal Planet they are said to believe mermaids are real. Mermaids are everywhere, mermaids in certain areas are rare to find anymore, people and scientist are still looking for them to this day.
Mermaids have been found everywhere around the world. There was a real mermaids sitting in Kiryat Yam with two guys that had seen a real mermaid on a rock. I know that there is a lot of people that don’t don’t believe in mermaids and I can see their reason, but I am going to tell you that they do exist. They have mostly been found in the big oceans. Christopher Columbus and Captain John Smith wrote their experiences with them whilst exploring the ocean.

Theory 2

The first thing that a mermaid is supposed to be is half-human and half-fish.Fish and humans don’t even have the same organs and other parts to make this possible. That would be parking a human colon on top of a fish liver, swim bladder, and stomach, among other things. When human skin is in saltwater 24-7 it tends to get really bad and die off. Then when the skin dies off most likely the mermaid will die.
On Animal Planet they just put mermaids on there for entertainment. There is no explaining evidence the legendary “half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea” have ever lived or has been seen. What they may look like and why they’ve stayed hidden…until now. These reasons are good ones to believe. On Animal Plant there was a fake documentary on scientific evidence of mermaids. Marine biologist have look every where for these mermaids and have not found any scientific proof that they are real. Several marines subjected their self to three hours of fake mermaid documentaries.

My Theory

The first stories about mermaids appeared thousands of years ago in ancient Assyria. In the folklore of that creature's, goddess Atargatis changed into a mermaid by killing a human. This may be why many older mermaid legends associated the creatures with misfortune, including storms and shipwrecks. It's just like how cavemen were said to have roamed the world and drew paintings on the caves of mermaids. We don’t actually know if they used to exist. Then they had went extinct like dinosaurs. Mermaids, I guess we will never know until we see one.


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