Sports at School Based off a Middle School survey.

Hi my name is Alexis Brush and I picked the topic sports for my survey. The reason I pick this topic is because I love to play in sports and I wanted to if you like sports too .

The purpose of my research was to see if girls also play sports like me. The question I asked myself was why do people like the sport they play. To get the answers I needed I had asked 8-9 random people to fill out my survey. I picked this group because I know that they have played in a sport.

When I got the results back I was thinking that the people that I sent the survey to didn't like the sports that they played in or are playing in. Oh, was I wrong the people i sent the survey to love to play in there sport and they even said that they would perfer this sport to there friends.

Here is one of the questions I asked and here are also the responses.

I was surprised to find that there was a few girls that played sports in my survey because boys say all the time that girls can't play in sports because were weak. So when I saw that there was 3-4 girls who play or played a sport.

They were all in 7th grade
There were 5 boys and 4 girls
there were all 13 but 1 that was 12
My Conclusion

In my Conclusion everyone can play in a sport girl or not at and people love to play sports because they get you exirciced and can get rid of your problems and you get to enjoy your life while you are playing. I hope you have a great time and peace out. :)


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