A loan to save a life A couple dollars can make a world of difference

$400 a year

The average income of somebody living in Malawi. Imagine living in the poorest country in the world. With everybody around you being in poverty, opportunities are rare, and money is scarce. Malawi puts a new meaning on the word difficult when talking about surviving in this country. Providing for your family is nearly impossible and many people need some help with it.

Imagine trying to provide for your family. Trying to send your children to school to get the education they deserve. Trying to put food on the table and not go hungry. Trying to improve life, but knowing that you'll never have a chance at getting the money or the opportunities to do so. struggling to survive.
50.7% of Malawi's population is in poverty. This means that over 9,400,000 people are in poverty in this country.
"These days there is a lot of poverty in the world, and that's a scandal when we have so many riches and resources to give to everyone..." -Pope Francis

Nobody can be specifically blamed for Malawi's poverty. However, Malawi's poverty has a lot to do with it's location. For instance, the country of Malawi has varying rain seasons, which leads to unpredictable weather conditions. Malawi is known for their agriculture, and so with these weather conditions many people are unprepared for natural disasters and storms. Imagine if you were a farmer working on your small farm when there is a huge flood. If you're in poverty, and money is scarce, then a flood on your farm can be devastating, and might leave you scrambling to put food on the table.

"...We must We all have to think about how we can become a little poorer [to help those in need]." -Pope francis

Another deciding factor regarding why Malawi is so poverty stricken is it's history. According to localhistory.org, Malawi was conquered by the British in 1907, during the Age of Imperialism. This led to the country getting robbed of it's money and resources. After the British left and Malawi gained it's independence in 1964, Malawi used the little resources and money that they had left to slowly rebuild their country.

The red stripe on the Malawian flag represents the blood shed by their ancestors in their quest for freedom and liberty.

You can be the difference.

Meet Leah; she is a thirty-eight year old widow with two children. She is an entrepreneur who hopes to support her community, while earning money to send her children to school and put food on the table. She owns business where she allows people to receive and send money without the use of a bank. With the loan that she asks for, Leah plans to improve and expand her business and increase her day-to-day cash. With her improved income, she wants to save up enough to send her children to school, and one day to a university, where they can hopefully have a chance at a brighter future.

Click this button to donate to Leah and hear her story.

Helping Leah is contributing to the completion of the united nation's first, second, and fourth goals for sustainable development (the goal is to complete all the goals by 2030).

If you loan the money to Leah, you will be helping her children to receive an education. As you can see from the video, having an education is very important, and can help her children to have a better future.

  • The first goal of the United Nations (UN) for sustainable development is no poverty. By giving Leah a loan, you will be helping her and her two children to rise out of poverty.
  • Since Leah's business helps people in her community send and receive money easier and without the use of a bank, the loan will also help people in her community rise out of poverty better.
  • In addition, by giving Leah the loan, you will be helping to complete the UN's second goal for sustainable development, which is to eliminate hunger. By giving Leah this money, you will be helping Leah to feed herself and her family.
  • Since her business helps people in her community receive and transfer money without a bank, more people would have access to her business (since she wants to use some of the loan to expand her business), which means that more people in her community will have the ability to put food on the table, which further contributes to the completion of the UN's second global goal.
  • Lastly, by giving Leah the money for the loan, you would be helping her to expand her business, and increase her income. She would then like to use part of this bigger income to pay for her two children to go on and get a quality education, which would be contributing to completing the fourth global goal, which is for everybody to have a quality education.

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