Emerson College http://www.emerson.edu

Social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmersonCollege

Why Emerson?

-Private School

-Fits your focus(only school in America decided exclusively to communication in a liberal arts context)

-Good reputation (88% freshman retention)

-Not sports


(761 miles from Hilliard OH)

No official Emerson recruitment videos but a lot of pictures of happy students

Happy in the street

Happy indoors

General information

59.9% Women

40.1% Men

Admission is very difficult

46% of applicants are admitted to the school

Greek Life? Only 1-2% participate

Big attractions: Fenway park, Freedom trail, MIT museum

Early action offered? Yes.

Early decision offered? No.

Important: essays, extracurricular activitys

Most important: GPA, standardized tests

Average ACT: 27

Cost of attending: $63,890

Room and board: $16,320

Average debt of 2015 class: $22,543

College housing: 97% of freshman, 57% upperclassmen

Financial aid: 100% of applicants with financial need received financial aid.

Meal plan: Flex plan, part of regular fees, 101 meals, 10 guest meals

"What's something you would tell someone thinking about going to Emerson?"

-"It's a very liberal environment so if that's not for you then Emerson may not be the right choice" (Keith Goodwin, Emerson graduate)


Emerson is one of the biggest Quidditch schools in the country with 14 intramural teams

Emerson also has an international team that has won 4 world cups

Personal opinion: I probably will not attend Emerson simply because I have other options that make more sense in terms of money and housing. However Throughout this project I have found that Emerson is a great school for oratory and production so if you are interested in either of those feilds then Emerson might be the school for you.


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