Carlos Santana By: Abbie Wiest

Carlos Santana was born July 20th, 1947, in Autlan Mexico. He is 69 years old.

Carlos Santana was a very famous musician. He the leader of his musician group. He sang all different kinds of music, and loved doing it. Billboard gave Santana the century award (magazines highest honor for life) in 1996. Also he was honored for his humanitarian efforts.

In the 8 themes he is tied to cultural interaction because his music was shared through out the world and influenced others from everywhere.

"When you play from your heart all of the sudden theres no gravity. You dont feel the weight of the world... thats why people love it." This quote describes him because he loved singing and when he sang he forgot about everything and it made him really happy.


Created with images by Lunchbox LP - "Carlos Santana en Acceso Total" • El mundo de Laura - "Tres colores y un águila" • Alfred Lilipaly - "Carlos Santana @ Java Jazz Festival. Jakarta Indonesia"

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