Harn Museum By: Michael Tolentino

A piece of art that really took my breath away was a tactile art that was made of aluminum foil and was painted with polyresin and lacquer. This piece of art really looked different from the pictures, because it's a 3d type sculpture that was made to be seen in person. From the pictures, it just looked like a big aluminium ball but in person, you could get a sense of how sturdy the art is. It made me appreciate the dedication it must have taken in order to completely mold the hard aluminium. The piece is called untitled and it was made by John Chamberlain. The medium makes the work more imposing but the technique the artist used is incredible. He uses a technique that coats the entire aluminium in a greyish color that makes the metal glisten even more then it does. I just found his color use very striking and it made the work that much better. It made me feel happy to be there and witness the art first hand.

"Untitled" by John Chamberlain

In particular, I found the "Highlights from Modern Collection" wing most appealing. Not only were the exhibits incredible, but I found an attraction to design of this section of the museum.I found it very modern and I liked how they made the modern collection section super modern and made it stick out from the other sections. Every aspect of the wing was modern. The lighting was something you found in a modern home, it hung straight from the walls, the walls had artwork on it as well as individual tables were placed on the ground to hold artwork on top. The museum arranged the art in a way that the pieces just kept getting more unique and more modern as you walked along the corridor. Overall, this whole section was modern. The modern elements didn't stop at the art. It made me feel as if the environment was being turned modern based on the pieces it contained. It made me feel ecstatic to be there.

"Highlights of Modern Collection" wing

One of my core values in life is the respect of other cultures and an artwork that expresses that value is Nicolas Murray's "Frida Kahlo with Classic Magenta Rebozo". This piece was so striking to me because I have the utmost respect for mexican culture and I find their culture so interesting. This piece reflects on my love for other cultures and it makes me feel so happy just looking at how Murray framed Kahlo. This picture allows me to delve deeper into the core value because it envokes emotions in me that I never knew I could feel. Frida Kahlo is such an iconic figure that I feel passion and happiness just looking at her portrait. It give me a better understanding of my love for cultures and appreciation for the things that are unknown to myself. It just makes my curiosity blossom even more.

"Frida Kahlo with Classic Magenta Rebozo" by Nicolas Murray

This piece below is called "Roadways leading to Brooklyn bridge with The World Trade Center Towers and Woolworth Building in the Distance" by Marvin Newman. That name is long but it accurately describes the photo. I always picture a good life of one with lots of opportunities and a city that has always come to mind is New York. This picture depicts a good life in my opinion, because it shows people going to work on rush hour and doing something with their lives. I can just imagine that people are happy and living their lives to the fullest. The theme that is conveyed from the picture is dedication and will. These people are determined enough to sit in traffic on their way to work in order to bring purpose to their lives and try to live a good life. The photo communicated the theme through interpretation of the photo. I interpret it as a positive photo. It gives me a sense of appreciation towards the gifts that New York brings to people. The city has the power to change lives for better and this photo is an accurate depiction of the good life in a city. It makes me more dedicated and willing to change my life and find my purpose.

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