Ghettos By:mason kooi

Adam was coming home from school one day and he saw the Nazi soldiers come into town. He was very scared. He ran home very fast.

When he got home his parents were sitting at their table talking and crying. It got very quiet when Adam walked into the room. Adam told his parents that he saw the Nazis marching into town. Adam new this was coming so he was not as scared as other people were. Adam and his parents talk awhile about what would happen to them and their family. Adam's dad said they're forcing us to move into the ghettos.

Adam had to pack all his stuff in a hurry to get ready to move into the ghettos. Right after Adam was done packing, the Nazis came knocking on the door to force them to go to the ghettos.

Adams Family was marched to the ghettos. The atmosphere was very silent walking to the ghettos. When they were at the ghettos they were lucky enough to get their own room which only had one bedroom, living room, and a kitchen.

Adam did not get much food at all because they only got a little bread and potatoes. His stomach growled.

The very next day another family moved in with Adam and his parents. Adam had to sleep on the floor now and got even less food. Adam went to a illegal school in the ghettos. If Adam was caught he would get in a lot of trouble. At his house life was not good he did not get much attention from his parents because they were busy helping the sick people of the other family.

The very next day when he was walking to school he heard an announcement from the Germans they said anybody doing any illegal activity will be killed. Adam ran home crying to tell his parents would he heard. Everybody was was sad in the ghettos. His parents were really frightened because the Germans were cutting down on food and killing more people every day

Adam went to his little corner where he slept and started crying eventually he fell asleep. The next day item look up to it terrible itch on his arm. It hurt a lot. Adam had a little rash on his arm it was not a rash it was actually typhus.There were no doctors in the ghetto so Adam had nowhere to go to see if his arm was okay.

The very next day Adam died because of starvation and his arm, many people ended up just like Adam because of starvation and disease.

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