Keg and Case Historic Building Infused in Brewing History

Craig Cohen’s vision for Keg and Case Market is the embodiment of looking at an underutilized and dilapidated building and seeing the potential of what could be.

The Keg and Case Market, located at the former location of Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company, lives on due to the hard work and vision of Craig Cohen who saw potential instead of demolition. Keg and Case was originally known as the Keg House following post-Prohibition era improvements to the brewery in 1937. The building has been utilized for several different purposes over the succeeding years including filling containers, warehousing them and shipping them out. The Keg House building has retained its open, free-span space with exposed iron trusses supporting the flat roof. In 2015, a massive rehabilitation of the former building was proposed to transform the building into an open market.

The Keg and Case Market opened in September 2018 featuring 23 local merchants and artisans. House of Halva features delicacies and tastes from the Middle East. The husband and wife co-owners, David and Liz Kadosh, bring the traditions of halva to Keg and Case. HandMod’s owner, Paul Johnson, is a 3rd generation craftsman that has combined traditional woodworking with modern designs using reclaimed lumber and material to create unique items.

From left: Hobby Farmer Canning Company, Gazta and Enancements, and Forest to Fork.

With an eye to the future and a respect for the past, Keg and Case Market also features its own brewery, Clutch Brewing Company, located on the mezzanine level of the building that features open views of beer kegs and comfortable seating.

Founded in 2015, Clutch Brewing Co.’s co-owners, Max Boeke and Jordan Standish, have been hobby homebrewers for years before winning the Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup’s for Best of Show Beer in 2015 for a milk stout. Boeke and Standish also successfully raised $450,000 through Minnesota Investment Crowdfunding, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocating for the democratization of investment. Clutch Brewing Co.’s moto is “community, art and craft beer of a slightly different Ilk,” and represents the thoughtful and resourceful spirit of PAM.

Keg and Case Market was made possible by the use of historic tax credits. Did you know that we work with State HTC's?

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