Who's on Drugs Layla is Smoking CIGARETTES

Layla is a 17 year old female who is a senior in high school and lives in new Jersey. She doesn’t work because she too busy training to be a professional soccer player and trains five days a week for four hours and the rest of the time is spent doing homework and hanging out with her bad influence friends. She started smoking about Three years ago. One of her friends Sam had an older brother Rob had cigarette laying around and same had an idea to take one a try it out. At first she didn't want to but she caved and now she hooked and can’t stop. It didn't start off bad after that time she didn't think anything of it until her and her boyfriend Andrew got in a big fight and she needed a stress reliever. After that she just couldn't stop.

After a 2 months of smoking she began to have bad breath, even when she brushed her teeth she would still have a little bad taste in her mouth. Her hair and clothes started to have a smoke smell and her teeth were starting to be stained yellow. Her heart rate was faster than before and running and playing sport became more difficult than it was before. Smoking can do a lot to a person in the long run like heart disease, cancer, lung cancer, and Birth defect. Layla has a lot of effects from smoking so long. She now has yellow fingers,poor vision, mood stimulation, and coughing. When Layla's family found out they were really disappointed they tried to make her stop, but it didn't work.

Layla started paying $14 a week for two pack of cigarettes,She smoked at less six a day sometimes more. Before her parents knew she was smoking she would smoke in alleys and behind stores. Now that her parents know she smokes anywhere she can.She misses a lot of classes because she needs a cigarette at certain times. She hasn't gotten into legal trouble and she didn't do any drugs and hasn't don't any drugs besides smoking.


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