Blake Daniels Photography

Rule of thirds

The picture above uses the rule of thirds and shading. The first focal point of the picture is the two flowers. The two flowers take up one-third of the picture. The second focal point is the leaves. With the shading the flowers are shown as brighter and catch the eyes of the viewer. The leaves are shown as darker and more detailed. The picture also shows contrast between white and black.

Macro Photos

The picture of the purple flowers is a good example of macro photos because it shows in depth the parts of it. The flower is shown bigger than normal and the white tips show a nice detail. The blurry background makes the flower stand out.

Leading Lines

The picture is using leading lines. In the picture the bench is being used to guide your eyes to the flowers at the end. The main focus of the picture is the flowers but the bench is leading you to the flowers. So it is the first thing you see that leads to the main object in the picture.


In the picture above the vines from the bush seem to be coming at the viewer. I used the burn tool to make them darker and appear more clear. There is one flower facing the camera I used the burn and dodge tool to make it easier to see. The picture is good for monochrome because of how the vines are darker and the wall is white and it a one variant of the color grey. The picture has many aspects that make the viewers eyes go from one place to another.


I edited three portrait photos my favorite one id the one of Logan holding the money. In the picture I used the smudge tool and the paint bucket on the background to make it look more attractive than the original green background. I also darkened the image to make logan and the green background stand out. I also enhanced the green color in the picture.

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