Good Life Tour of the Harn Sean canny

I visited the Harn Museum on February 11th. I documented my journey below, but I want to lead with a photo of a particular piece I liked from the museum that doesn't really fit in the rest of the presentation.

Medium of the Art

Certainly not all pieces can really be encapsulated by a picture, including the quilt at the entrance of the museum. The work behind me is actually a headpiece, and certainly you could see that it is a unique piece of art from photos, but in a photo you're bound to miss something, particularly the actual material in which the piece is composed of. This piece is actually made up of several different materials. Yet, one of the most surprising things is the scale of the piece. Once again, you can tell the head-piece is large from a photo of it, but in real life, it's likely even larger than you may think at first glance.

Design of the Museum

I will say that I very much like the design of the museum. Particularly, I found the segmentation of the museum by culture to be fascinating and also beneficial to the pieces within the exam. My favorite section of the museum, however, is the design of the French painting section. The section has three or so walls lined up with paintings on both sides. The left-most wall in particular has several French paintings of the work, 'Hamlet', which all together create a very intriguing section.

Art and the Core Values

For the art and the core values section, I elected to use a piece called 'Family', a sculpture found in the Latin American section of the museum. The sculpture is composed of two larger humanoid-esque figures with one smaller figure between them. I'm an only-child, so I suppose this photo resonated with me very personally, as my parents are two of the most important people to me, and I resonate with the creator of the sculpture. Now, I don't know from what angle the artist aimed to create the piece through (Was he making this potentially as a piece of him and his parents, or his own child?), but regardless the piece is important to me.

Art and the Good Life

For my discussion on the good life and art, I elected to use this photo of me and a photograph by Saldago. The photo depicts three young girls in Brazil holding hands. While at first glance, this photo appears as though it doesn't really mean all too much. The description revealed, however, that there were greater socioeconomic circumstances behind the photograph. Brazil, at the time of capturing the photo, was undergoing harsh economic circumstances, and these girls were essentially forced to find resolve and strength within each other. The photo really struck me as the three still managed to stand strong, together despite the depressing circumstances in which they were raised.

Photos individually taken

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