Navigation through the Ages by Monica Boccoli

What is archaeoastronomy?

Advances in navigation reached the heights of today by the contributions of numerous civilizations. Share in the Padlet below an example of archaeoastronomy (for example, a building) in your country and tell us how you would use it to teach a lesson in your subject.

In Liguria, there is an important promontory for the archeo sailors

1st, March 2017- 10.00 a.m

2nd March 2017- 10.00 a. m.

1st March 2017- 10.00 p. m.

2nd March 2017- 10.00 p.m.

My photo 2015

I can't take a photo in these days, because it's cloudy.

Making a Sundial

3.1 What do I need to know to determine my location?

Imagine you want to tell a friend about the place you are at this moment. Which information would you give to your friend?

Nowadays it's easier than in the past. We can use Google Maps, GPS and some social network like FB.

3.2 The didactic course: tools and terms

Tell us three things you discovered from watching the videos of Ana Hoskins, Helena Capela, and Melpomeni Dimoulka and that you can apply in your classroom.

I like working as Ana, Melpomeni and Helena, using PBL or Inquiry teachingbased strategy. I think collaboration is very important when we learn.

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