Brazos Bend Gator Hash .

The Rules of the Hash

The first rule of Hashing is THERE ARE NO RULES! This rule is so important that it is the only rule we actually enforce. It applies to anyone who wants to start Hashing. There are no dues and no "joining." Nobody cares how fast or slow you run, what you ate last night, or what kind of car you drive or don't drive. This is a Hash.

Try to get to the start about 10 minutes early. Find the "Hash Cash" who will take down your name (to identify the body later on) and give you a temporary Hash name to be conferred on you if, if you finish the Hash. Let the Hash Cash know that this is your first run, and they will make sure that you get a "first timer" briefing before the run. Very Important!

E-Mail to Confirm Attendance: lauren@cbmhouston.org

The Attire of the Hash

The first rule of Hashing is THERE ARE NO RULES! So, I am going to break that rule by giving you a Rule and a new word (socking): There is no Hashing without Dashing Socking. You must have dashing, tube socking in order to do hashing with the Brazos Bend Gator Hash. The higher the socking the better and more enjoyable the hashing.

The Location of the Hash

To be announced

To be announced

The Terrain of the Hash

The Hash run will travel through many trails along the shores of the Brazos Bend River. Some of the trails are man made, animal made and not made at all. You can expect to encounter all kinds of creepy, crawly, slimy, stuff including things that can bite, hiss, and; otherwise scare you or maim you. It is a true trail and adventure run. Come ready for anything and keep your eyes out. We will run through dirt, rock, mud, bridges, possibly water and brush.

The Songs of the Hash

How slow are you feet, How shallow your breath, if the pack would not have helped you, you would have been dead. - An Ode to the Slow Footed

Every day at School you could see him arrive, His age and I.Q. were both about a hundred sixty-five, focused in mind and red in the neck, Somebody always knew everything: Big Jess, Big Jess, Big Jess, Oh Smarty Pants Jess. - A Love Song to the Genius on the Hash

Here's to the hash that never ends, to the harrier that wins, to the mark that I almost missed, to the snake that hissed, to the scar from the brush, to the shoes that now slush, here's to the hash that never ends, to the harrier that wins. - A Toast the Harrier has Never Given

Times are hard, wages are small, the hash is a long haul, the end is not near, devas we don't revere, g

et over it snowflake. - A Tribute to a Snowflake

I have traveled this world-wide over, ten hundred miles or more, but a horse with a horn I never saw before. - A Song to the Spry Footed

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