Valentine's day The twenty-third

New record! It's the 23th being alone on Valentine's day!

It's not like I feel lonely or anything, you know. There are so much thing to do. It's my first day at the 8NW ward aka PED2, which taking care of older than 5 years old children.

My patient is ESRD S/P DDKT. After reading his medical record, I start to feel nervous. He has an adjustment disorder with depressed mood.


I'm not good at psychiatric talk at all. I don't like to listen to other's stories or problems espicially when it's not interesting.

Luckily, his condition is good enough to be refered to the hospital in his location. This makes him happy and help me talking to him easily.

Laying down at my dorm, I look at my fb newsfeed. Someone said the single shouldn't use fb today because they can have mental trauma from seeing couple picture. Silly, right?

First, there isn't that much couple in my newsfeed. Second, 'he' doesn't post any couple or flower or gift photo, so I guess it's fine. Actually, he posts a guy group photo instead!

I can sense your bromance there, dude.

And I never know before that we can play game on GOOGLE!

It took long time than I thought so I only play through 2 chaps.
I have to play twice since this trap making me run out of time.
As you're plaing there are more and more tactics.

That's my Valentine's day. So simple. Just an ordinary day but it doesn't disturb me at all. It makes me calm indeed.

I guess this is long enough to be my first chapter? See you next time then!


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