Village of Pulaski Wisconsin My local GOVERNMENT

Here is a map of the Village of Pulaski

Town Hall: 585 E Glenbrook Dr.

The issue that I decided to write about and thought would benefit my community a lot was, investing in a brand new police squad car for the Village of Pulaski. They believe that the cars they have now are getting old. Some people believe it is a good idea, but others think it's a waste of tax payer money. The Village did end up getting a new squad car and personally I agree it was a good idea. I would understand why the taxpayers would be upset to spend the money on just a car, but it's actually very beneficial. If you think about it, the cars police should be driving are supposed to be fast and kept in good shape due to the task that they should be completing. Buying a new squad car was a good idea for the Village of Pulaski.

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