It Gives My Dad... By jason rosu


Home brings my Dad joy. He enjoys coming home after a long day at work. He likes to have a place to call his own.
Family brings my Dad joy. It brings him joy because he loves to spend time with us. He always likes doing this with the whole family.
My Dad really enjoys watching and playing soccer. He likes watching the team that he played on. He could watch it all day. He would also play soccer with me all day.


My Dad is really proud of his work. He enjoys his job. He is very proud of the things that he as build and he likes to show other people.
My Dad is very proud of being a romanian. He loves going to romania and spending time with his family. He is proud of the history of romania.
My Dad is proud of soccer. When he was 17 he started playing for a professional team. He played for many years


God gives my Dad hope. It gives him hope to work. He knows that someone is always watching and protecting him the whole day.
Family gives my Dad hope. Hope that makes him wake up and go to work. He only wants the best for us. He wants us to do something with our lives.
Money gives my Dad hope in a way. Money helps to keep a roof over our heads. Money brings food to the table and water to drink.


Future makes my Dad pause. He pauses and thinks of whats to come. He thinks of how the world will be like in 30 years. He thinks of how old will he life to.
My Dad pauses for the news. He thinks of all the bad things that are happening in the world. He thinks of how certain things can affect many people.
My Dad pauses and thinks of his life. He thinks of all the cool things he has done and all the things that await him. He thinks of me and my future.
Created By
Jason Rosu


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