March on Washington Kostya Dushin

March on Washington

As blacks faced continuing discrimination in the postwar years, the March on Washington group met annually to reiterate blacks’ demands for economic equality. They planned a march to push the government to pass the Civil Rights Act. More than 200,000 black and white Americans shared a joyous day of speeches, songs, and prayers led by a celebrated array of clergymen, civil rights leaders, politicians, and entertainers.

People Involved

There were many people involved in the march on Washington. Over two hundred thousand people attended the March and millions more were watching it on TV. There were also many politicians and speakers that gave their own speeches; however the most famous one was the "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King J. In it he described his view of an equal, unsegregated world. His speech was one of the biggest parts of the march.


The March on Washington was a huge historical event but there were many obstacles in the way. The biggest one being the hatred they faced. during that time it would be very dangerous for a black person outside surrounded by white people especially in Alabama and Mississippi, but that didn't stop most from attending the march.


Because the March on Washington, the civil rights act was passed. It prohibited discrimination on the basis of race. It not only outlawed discrimination, but it also made racism "uncool". After that there was a significant decrease in racism, especially against blacks.

Women's March on Washington

The women's march on Washington was a women's march that was held on Saturday, January 21st. It was a protest to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues, including women's rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform and other issues. About 470,000 people attended the march. There were no obstacles. All in all, the women's march was the same as the original march, but there were more people and it was held for a different reason.

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