8 Things You Should Know About Pop Music By Rianna Harbin

Music has been around since pretty much since the earth was created.

We have the opportunity to pay a lot of money to watch our favorite artists perform.

First thing you should know about Pop Music... What's popular today won't be within the next week.

Second thing you should know... There is no such thing as an accidental leak. Meaning when a new song is released before the date of it's releasing, someone did it on purpose for the money.

Third thing you should know... you can't avoid hearing pop music... No matter where you go you will somehow hear it.

Fourth thing you should know... what goes up must come down. Once songs stop being popular they those profits towards the song or artist.

Fifth thing you should know... there is so much gossip about celebrities I'm magazines or on the news. Some artists are considered "divas" for having an attitude.

Sixth thing you should know... Artists can make up to billions of dollars on songs... but eventually lose profit.

If you can't make good profits, you may end up homeless.

Seventh thing you should know... songs are repetitive and annoying

Pop artists like Ariana Grande have repetitive annoying songs.

The last thing you should know is that not all pop artists write their own songs.

Artists Like Sia write songs for other artists. And they still get money for the songs.

Created By
Rianna Harbin


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