Ash-wa-gan-dha What the Heck you say?

Before I start let me say a few words. I'm not here to diagnose, treat, cure any illnesses you may have. I have simple experienced the benefits myself and I'm happy to pass along for those that are looking for new avenues, to better health.

What is Ashwagandha? It is classified as an "adaptogen" meaning that it can help the body manage stress.

We go all day everyday and are in a constant state of stress. Our bodies are not designed to take in processed food or go hours without lack of movement. When the body feels threatened, it becomes inflamed. Hence, why we are now hearing of so many anti-inflammatory diseases.

My Benefit of using this medicinal herb

I have been on a thyroid medication ever since my son was born, in 2010. I noticed that when I was trying to get back in shape, I would kill myself in the gym and nothing. So, I finally visited an endocrinologist and sure enough it was pretty low. Last year, I noticed that my medication really wasn't working as much anymore and every time I would call to get a refill, of coarse, it took forever from my doctor. The amount of patients had grown quite in size. I was finally fed up with dealing with it all and seeked out other possible choices. Now, I was on about 60mg/ once a day of np thyroid. I looked into Ashwagandha and the benefits it had on the thyroid. I said what the heck and decided I could always go back to my old medication but really I had nothing to lose. I took the recommended dosage on the back. About 1 week in, I could tell a difference in my energy and my workouts. I don't write about things that don't work for me and this works! I have now been off my medication for about 4 months and when I go off of the herb, I start to feel a drop in energy. I love this product and for now, I'm sticking to it!

Also, it cured my sugar cravings!!! Because this helps with blood sugar I was no longer hungry every hour and having extreme sugar cravings!! If you don't try it for anything else, look into for this purpose.

This is the brand I take

Found at vitamin shoppe for $20

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