Syrian Civil War By corbin olsen


The Syrian Civil War is happening in most parts of Syria, and some parts of Iraq. It started when a peaceful protest for peace and democracy was rejected when government officials angrily responded by attacking the rebels. As a result, the country is currently going through Sectrianism, an ideology that means an excessive attachment to someone or something.

Geographic Analysis

Also, over 1000 different groups are becoming involved in the war to overthrow Assad and IS, both of whom are supported by former Soviet countries such as Russia and North Korea: religious groups are also getting involved, such as Sunni and Shia Muslims, as well as Yazidis and Christians who are being targeted by the country. Physical Geography doesn't really play much of a role in this conflict, however, most people from rural and mountainous areas of the region have been displaced and others in large cities have tried to leave the country for a better life elsewhere.

Usually, to achieve this goal, citizens leave Syria for Israel, which is a country bordered by Syria to the west, or Lebanon to the north of Israel. Some citizens go towards Jordan and Saudi Arabia, 2 Newly Industrialized countries near the south of Syria. Others will try to sneak across the northernmost border for Turkey, where they stay until they can recover, after which they start crossing the northeastern part of the country to get into Europe, namely countries like Germany, Italy, and France. Sometimes people will head for the easternmost border, get through Iraq, into Iran. Some people decide to stay there, but others will try to leave for South Asia or even East Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. To this day, the conflict continues devestation of the country in an attempt to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad, and the conflict is starting to affect other neighboring countries like Afghanistan and Iran.

Evolution of the Current political situation

The political situation is not getting any better, as the government is losing control of the region due to IS controlling Syria. Many people have just asked for peace and democracy and freedom, which started in 2011, but again the government ignored them, provoking the war. One side of the war wants the government to stay in control, and another wants the government to resign. The Kurdish people are the largest minority in the world with no country to call their own, but the government isn't listening to them. History since the Ottoman Empire, as a result, has left the country literally fighting for their own lives.

US Imterests

I believe the USA should be concerned, because if we don't find a way to help the country, WHO ELSE WILL?! The USA has intervened, but I don't think we've intervened in the right way. We should be helping refugees get to safety and help bring supplies to Syria, but we haven't been doing ANY of that! Instead, we've been attacking them nonstop: I understand that giving foreign aid by water or plane is hard to do without getting hurt, but we have to at least try.

Road to Recovery

It doesn't look like the conflict will end any time soon, but to solve it, the government officials should listen and look around at what's happening to the country and make a deal with them, sign a peace treaty, and maybe step down and try having a military coup (I know that doesn't sound like the best idea, but it's helped before.). As is, there is no solution but I'm hopeful that the country's luck will change soon. We just need to find other ways of helping the citizens get what they asked for.

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