History of Ferrari

Ferrari is a popular sports car brand.
When people Think of Ferrari they think of a really fast car.
What are the facts about Ferrari?

When the creator was little he went to his first race when he was 10.

Did you know that the prancing horse symbol means good luck in world war 1.

Did you know Enzo Ferrari the creator stayed were he was raised in Modena Italy

The first Ferrari was delayed because of war world ll

When the first Ferrari was made on two were released.

Ferrari's normal red color was not Enzo's

It was the rule that Italy racing cars have to be red.

Did you know that fiat owns 50% of the company

Did you know you can personalize your own Ferrari.

Did you know Ferrari has won about 5000 races.

Did you know there is a Ferrari theme park.

Enzo once quoted:"I have never gone on a real trip, never taken a holiday. The best holiday for me is spent in my workshops when nearly everybody else is on vacation.”

Work cited:Peters, Jenny. "11 Fast Facts About Ferrari." Mental Floss. N.p., 02 Sept. 2015. Web. 04 May 2017.


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