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When it comes to film, there are hundreds of different angles you can focus on to create an impressive work of art. You can hone in on composition or camera angles, colors, music, content, or artistic experimentation. The area we’ll be talking about is editing, and specifically, stringing together clips to create a breathtaking, cohesive story. You don’t need any editing experience to make professional edits, all you need is Adobe Spark Video for free, on your mobile device, and then you can get started making movie magic!

Merge Videos Together with Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video makes video editing as easy as can be with a simple, intuitive interface. All you need to do is upload your video content to your Adobe Spark Video workspace and then you can arrange and stitch together your story with ease. Let your creativity flow by exploring premade themes that add different aesthetics to your video, as well as different video transitions and font styles. Once you’re done, save, share, and revisit your video to make additional edits as much as you’d like. Follow our quick guide below to help you get started merging videos with Adobe Spark Video!

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How to Merge Videos

  1. Upload Your Content

    Open up your Adobe Spark Video mobile app. Upload your photo or video content to your timeline by pressing the “+” buttons either on your timeline or on the current frame. Don’t forget to choose the size format that suits your needs by tapping “Resize.”

  2. Arrange Your Video Clips

    Once you’ve uploaded your content (and trimmed it if necessary!), you can focus on the order in which you want your clips to play. Tap and hold on a frame to drag it to a new spot on in your timeline.

  3. Select a Theme and Explore Transitions

    Above your video, tap “Theme” to explore transition, font and color variations. Each theme offers different transition styles, as well as text animation and color schemes, so be sure to give each one a test run to see how it fits your overall video!

  4. Continue Your Video Clip

    Let’s say you have a long video clip - for this example, we’ll use someone speaking and answering questions. You can trim this clip down to a selected time frame by tapping on the scissor icons in the right corner. Now, maybe you want to continue your clip later on in your video, when this person is answering a different question. Click the icon below the scissors (it looks like an arrow going through a rectangle) to continue your clip in a new frame. This allows you to add new text or rearrange this specific clip elsewhere in your video, seamlessly and easily.

  5. Revisit and Revise Your Video Edit

    Adobe Spark always saves your hard work so you can go back and make additional changes. Revise the video size, add new music, or tack on opening and closing credits. No edits are permanent, so you can always revert back to your original version for future needs.

Customize your video online to make it your own

With Adobe Spark Video, you can create professional level videos in moments, with no editing experience necessary. Merge together video clips using premade transitions that Adobe Spark provides so you can create something impressive and dynamic! Save and share your video with friends, post it on your social feeds, or upload it to YouTube to share with your channel. Enjoy the process of creating a video, and get excited about documenting and editing as you make more exciting memories down the road!