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Add images and photos to your video with ease using Adobe Spark Video.

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Not all videos need to include filmed content. Get started making your next video using images or photos from your camera roll. Showcase beautiful imagery in a slideshow-type format and captivate your audience from start to finish. With Adobe Spark Video, creating professional looking videos is easy.

Add Images and Photos to Your Video with Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video makes video editing easy with a simple, intuitive interface. Upload your photo and video content to your Adobe Spark workspace and let your creativity flow as you explore editing possibilities. Explore pre-made themes that feature font styles and dynamic video transitions and choose the one that suits the mood of your video. Save, share, and revisit your video to make additional edits. Follow our quick guide below to help you get started adding images and photos to a video with Adobe Spark Video.

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How to Convert Images and Photos to Your Video

  1. Upload Your Content

    Open up your Adobe Spark Video mobile app. Choose the red “+” sign to get started and tap “Start with my photos” if you already know which photos you’d like to feature. Tap all the photos you’d like to insert and then you’ll move right into your workspace.

  2. Perfect Your Timeline

    Tap and hold the squares on your timeline to put your images in the preferred order. You can also add in opening and closing credit scenes, text frames, or upload video content to sprinkle in.

  3. Choose Your Theme

    Tap “Theme” to explore font and color variations. Be sure to test run each theme as they feature animated transition effects that will add nuance to your video.

  4. Adjust the Timing

    Tap on one of the photo icons in your timeline. Under the photo, you’ll see a clock icon with a time next to it. Choose that icon and adjust the sliding scale to choose the length of time you’d like the photo to stay on screen before transitioning to the next.

  5. Customize Your Video

    Add text, music, and more content to create a beautiful, well-rounded video. Press the play buttons to preview your edits as you go.

  6. Revisit and Revise Your Video Edit

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. Revise the video size, add new music, or tack on opening and closing credits. You can always revert back to your original version as needed.

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