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Enhance your video with animated text using Adobe Spark.

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Tell a story with your next video by adding text features to it. Text overlay on a video can be used as a title screen, credits, or captions. Using text is great for videos that might need context, or for captioning when your audience may not be in a place to watch your video with sound. Share important details and enhance your video’s level of professionalism by adding text using Adobe Spark Video.

Add Text to Your Video with Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video makes video editing as easy as can be with a simple, intuitive interface. Upload your video to your Spark workspace and let your creativity flow as you explore editing possibilities. Spark features themes and color options so you can customize your text to match your video. Save, share, and revisit your video to make additional edits as much as you’d like. Follow our quick guide below to help you get started adding text to a video with Adobe Spark Video.

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How to Add Text to Videos

  1. Upload Your Content

    Open up your Adobe Spark Video mobile app. Upload filmed content to your timeline and choose the size format that suits your needs by tapping “Resize.”

  2. Add Text

    To add text, press the “+” button. Use the size controls to make your font larger or smaller. Once you’ve typed in your caption, you can drag and move the text on the video to adjust the size and placement.

  3. Customize Your Design

    Tap “Theme” to explore font and color variations.

  4. Explore Layout Options

    Click the “Layout” button to see your options for text placement. Choose full-screen, split screen, caption, or title and text.

  5. Revisit and Revise Your Video Edit

    Adobe Spark Post saves your design so you can go back and make additional changes. Revise the video size, add new music, or tack on opening and closing credits. No edits are permanent, so you can always revert back to your original version as needed.

Customize your video online to make it your own

With Adobe Spark Video, you can create professional level videos in moments. Add text to your videos for social media, YouTube, or for sharing with friends and family. Videos with text can be informational and educational, or they can be playful mood lifters or even memes. Share your final work across any channel to entertain your audience.

Add Text to Your Videos - Examples