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When you’ve got something exciting to share, you’ll want to share it across all your media platforms! But you might find that not all mediums were created equally – you’ll need your video in various different sizes for optimal viewership. With Adobe Spark Video, you can resize your video into both widescreen and square sizes so that one great video can be shared in countless ways.

Resize Your Video with Adobe Spark Video

With Adobe Spark Video, resizing your video is as easy as can be, no editing skills necessary. Upload video clips and resize them as you string them together into a full-length video. Resizing edits are simple to make so you can arrive at the perfect finished product sooner rather than later.

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How to Crop Your Video with Adobe Spark Video

  1. Upload Your Content

    From the “My Videos” page, hit the red “+” button to get started. The first frame will have another “+” sign, so press that to insert your content into the timeline.

  2. Resize as You Go

    Once you’ve uploaded your content, hit the “Resize” button in the top bar to toggle between widescreen and square. The chosen edit will apply to your entire timeline.

  3. Make Additional Edits

    Resize aren’t final during the editing process, so if you find you ever need to go back and resize your video again, you have the freedom to do so.

Customize your video online to make it your own

With Adobe Spark Video’s resizing tool, it’s easy to make videos to share across any platform. No need to spend any excess time creating different versions of your content! With all the time you saved resizing your videos, you’ll have plenty more opportunities for new creative projects with Adobe Spark.

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