Create Infographic Videos for Free in Minutes

Create captivating infographic videos to engage and inform your audience with the help of Adobe Spark Video

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Spark Video's editor is here to help you create infographic videos for YouTube, social channels, tutorials, presentations, and more! No prior editing or design experience is required, as Adobe Spark features an intuitive interface and templates so that you have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Make shareworthy content with Adobe Spark Video

Navigate Spark Video’s interface with ease to achieve the perfect final cut. Upload your video and photo content, organize it in your timeline, choose a theme and some music, and don’t forget the text and subtitles to showcase your infographic factoids! Download and share your video with ease, so you can give the gift of knowledge to your audience anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.

How to Create an infographic video

  1. Upload your content

    From the “My Videos” page, hit the red “+” button to get started. The first frame will have another “+” sign, so press that to insert your content into the timeline. You can organize your content by dragging and dropping clips into the order you like.

  2. Choose a theme

    Themes provide you with consistent font styles and clip transitions throughout your video. Choose a theme that best resonates with the subject of your infographic video.

  3. Add in text

    For each video clip, tap “Layout” to select from different text placement options. The “caption” layout works great for infographic clips that also feature full screen photos or videos. You can also create text only slides. To do so, add a new slide and press the “+” icon to add text.

  4. Adjust time length of slides

    Make sure each clip is long enough for your audience to read all the info on it! When you have a clip selected, you’ll notice a timestamp underneath it. Tap on that to change the length of the clip, and preview it by pressing the play button to make sure the timing is just right.

  5. Polish it off with music or voice overs

    Many popular infographic videos feature music to accompany the slideshow of text and images. Select from Adobe’s preset selection of stock tunes, or upload your own music. You can also record voice overs using Spark Video to feature right there in your video! Have fun exploring options to make your video multi-dimensional.

  6. Save and share your infographic video

    Tap on the share icon in the top right corner, and select the share option that works best for you. Download your clip to send it via text or email, or to upload it to any social platform. Or, copy the link to share your video on the web for anyone to watch!

Customize your infographic video to make it your own

Infographic videos are a wonderful form of digital content. They’re fun for the audience, and they’re ideal for the creator because they’re engaging, shareable, and great conversation starters! Don’t hold back from making an infographic video just because you don’t have any prior editing experience. If you have something informative to say, share it with the world with an infographic video, made with ease using Adobe Spark.