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Create and edit videos for free using Adobe Spark Video and Spark Post. Spark Video's video editor are perfect for creating videos for YouTube, tutorials, and presentations. Spark Post allows you to create short videos, ideal for social feeds, Snapchat, and Instagram Stories.

All Your Video Editing Needs in One App

There are two ways to make and edit videos in Adobe Spark’s suite of free design apps. The first app, Spark Video, allows you to easily stitch together video clips, photos, icons, and text. It’s great for YouTube, explainer videos, tutorials, and video presentations.

The second app is Spark Post, which is perfect for making short, graphic videos for social media using animated text and animated stickers. Spark Post’s video capabilities are only available on mobile.

The best part of these free app video editors is how fun and easy to use they are. The built-in templates and themes, intuitive user interface (no complicated timelines here!), and the speed with which you can create and edit videos allow for a highly achievable video marketing strategy—or just a fabulous way to share memories with friends.

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How to Edit Videos with Spark Video

  1. Create a new Spark Video project

    From your iOS mobile or web app, click the plus button in Adobe Spark, then select video to launch a new project in the video editor. Title your video to get started—don’t worry, it’s easy to change the title later—then dive into the video editing fun. You can watch the brief tutorial on how to edit videos or skip straight to adding your own content to slides.

  2. Add media to the slides

    If you can click a plus button, you can make a video! Simply click the plus icon on the slide to add video clips, photos, text, or icons. It’s simple to import media from your photo library or cloud-based storage solution, or select from the free stock photos and icons available to Spark Video users. Once your media is in a slide, you can easily edit individual videos for length (look for the clock icon in the lower right hand corner or easily use the slider to trim slides with video clips.) Don’t worry about getting the order perfect at the start, you can drag and drop to reorder slides at any time.

  3. Choose between pre-designed layouts

    Ready-made slide layouts take the design work off your hands. Simply click through your options in the app’s video editor toolbar to experiment with layout styles. Pro tip: you can choose different layouts for each individual slide. Mix it up with a blend of split screen, single caption, title and text, and fullscreen layouts to keep your audience engaged.

  4. Use both text and narration to tell your story

    Tap the plus button or a caption box to keep viewers on the hook with descriptive and compelling text overlaid on your video and photos. The split screen, single caption, and title and text layouts all allow for text over your images. Don’t forget the voice narration feature, either—just click and hold the microphone button on each slide for vocals to accompany that slide.

  5. Unify your slides with a theme

    Themes dictate how one slide transitions to the next, how media appears in each slide, and the way text enters each new slide. Like magic, the video editor toolbar lets you swap between and preview themes and colors to settle on what best suits your video story. You can even swap out fonts and text color to best convey your message, goal, and video mood.

  6. Spice it up with a soundtrack

    Music makes everything better and that includes your video. Clicking the music button in the video editor toolbar gives you access to the fabulous and free tunes available to Spark Video users. You can also import your own tracks to put your personal touch on it or if you’re using the app as a music video editor for Youtube.

  7. Publish and share

    Now that your video editing is wrapped, select resize to choose a widescreen or square format to best suit the platform you’ll be sharing it on. Always hit the preview button before sharing your masterpiece—it’s easy to make edits if needed! From the app you can share directly to your social platforms, download and save your video, email, embed it, or generate a shareable link.

One-Tap Social Videos with Spark Post

By using animated text, live photos, and sticker animations, you can turn static graphic posts into short social videos that offer major wow-factor with minimal work. One-tap social videos are easy to make in Adobe Spark Post. From the mobile app (available on Android and iOS), pick from the templates crafted by our professional designers to begin making the content your own. You can also start from scratch by tapping the plus button. From there, add animations under “effects” to easily transform a graphic into a video.

Fortunately, sharing with the world is as easy as it sounds. The one-tap resize feature in Spark Post perfectly resizes your short video post to fit in dozens of platforms and post types. Design for Instagram Stories and Snapchat, using the vertical aspect ratio, or use square to catch eyes on mobile newsfeeds.

Pro-tip, you can string together a bunch of short Spark Post videos and graphics by uploading them to Spark Video’s slides. Select square size or the Spark Video slide size as your canvas. Just consider Spark Post your very own short social Android or iPhone video editor.

What story are you ready to tell? Whatever it is, Spark’s free editing video software allows you and your brand story to shine. Your followers just may think you’ve got a film editing crew on staff. The beauty of this video editor is the simple, intuitive interface and the fact that anyone can use it. It’s the best software for video editing made easy. And, it’s free. There’s no need for complicated timelines or an investment in learning complex (and pricey) video editing software. Just download the web or iOS app, upload your media, tweak the themes and text, and you have a gorgeous video in minutes. The pre-formatted story templates are perfect for slideshows, teaser videos, explainer videos, lesson plan videos, campaign videos, recap videos (from your wedding or corporate event), promo videos, as a music video editor, and so much more. The only thing missing are your images and message. The professionals at Adobe did all the heavy lifting and built in the design elements and motion...all that’s left for you is the fun part: storytelling.

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