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A good marketing strategy engages your audience, provides meaningful interactions, and establishes strong connections and brand loyalty.

The best way to catch your audience’s attention is by standing out. Use your creativity to craft stand-out content that is uniquely its own, and it will undoubtedly resonate with your target audience. Adobe Spark is your partner in shine along the way, here to help you create beautiful designs whether it’s you’re a first-timer or a professional artist.

Facebook: Optimize Ad Performance with Creative Strategy

Facebook Cover Photo: Create a positive and lasting first impression with a thoughtfully designed cover photo. Having a cover photo that effectively speaks for your brand or your messaging will give your audience a visual association to remember your page by. Adobe Spark Post’s Facebook cover photo maker is super fast and super easy, making it ideal for those with little design experience. In seconds you'll have a sleek, professional cover photo to boost your Facebook's image. Spark Post provides preset sizes to get you started, but as a reminder, a Facebook cover photo size should be 820px x 312px for desktop, and 640px x 360px for mobile.

Facebook Ads: To make an instant impact with Facebook Ads, your advertisement needs to be eye-catching and informative at the same time — not an easy feat. Adobe Spark allows you to make impactful Facebook ads without any knowledge of design or coding.

Facebook Video Ads: You can also use videos for Link Ads. Use Adobe Spark Video to create a video for your next Facebook ad campaign. Be sure to create a video that is an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 9:16, and is up to 4 GB in size. Stick to shorter videos that have important, engaging content upfront to catch the attention of your scrolling audience. Adobe Spark Video makes it easy to create the perfect video edit without any professional editing experience.

Twitter: Branding Your Page and Engaging Your Audience

Twitter Header: Welcome your audience to your Twitter feed with an impressive header photo. Whether it’s a personal page or a branded/company one, Adobe Spark has the tools to create a header image that complements any profile. Explore premade template designs, take advantage of a fantastic library of free stock photos, and upload your own photos or logos to incorporate into your header. Your Twitter header size measures about 1500px x 500px, but remember that the top and bottom edges are cut off due to the interface, so if you have any important details to include in your header, make sure you keep them toward the middle.

Twitter Video and Posts: Standout in your follower’s feed with multimedia tweets such as images, videos, or gifs. Adobe Spark Video is your go-to for creating eye-catching content to engage your audience. Available both on your desktop or as a mobile app, Spark Video makes it easy as can be to upload, edit, and share video content, and look good while doing it. Then, upload your video to your timeline and share it with the virtual world to see!

If video content doesn’t resonate with you or your brand, consider uploading a graphic or design relevant to your digital voice. For example, instead of simply tweeting a quote, phrase, or fact, turn it into a graphic using Adobe Spark Post to make it standout and shareable. Get ready to flex your creative muscles and show your followers what you’re capable of by sharing compelling content created with Adobe Spark!

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Tuning in to Your Creativity to Create a Compelling YouTube Channel

YouTube Logo: Before you start uploading videos, you’ll want to make sure your YouTube profile is well-rounded and presentable to your audience so that when they tune in to your channel, they’ll know what to expect. Take Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker for a spin to help you create a logo that ties together your messaging along with your visual preferences to give you a beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind logo. Upload your logo to your profile, and use it as a watermark on your videos and other shared content.

YouTube Thumbnail: Your logo creates a foundation for your personal brand and branded elements. Allow this design to grow and evolve into your YouTube video thumbnails, a graphic element that will help viewers know what to expect when they tune in to your videos. A video thumbnail has the same function as a movie poster or a book jacket, capturing attention and persuading people that clicking "Play" is worth their time. After you invest the time to create your YouTube video, spending a few more minutes adding a professional-quality thumbnail can have a huge impact on the growth of your audience.

YouTube Channel Art: Your YouTube channel art is another way to customize your page and express your creativity. Inject personality into your YouTube profile page by creating a unique banner that assists with telling the story of you or your brand. Adobe Spark Post offers 2560px x 1440px YouTube banner size canvases, and templates in case you need a little inspiration to get you started.

YouTube Intro: Intros can add an exciting and professional appeal to your YouTube video. While several advanced video production programs are available, many of them are highly complex and require a degree of technical know-how. Adobe Spark Video, on the other hand, features a user-friendly design interface you’ll be able to master in a matter of minutes. Use your logo design or other branded elements as you create your intro to establish consistency with your channel. Then, download your clip, add it to your full-length video, and publish the finished work to your channel!

YouTube Video: Adobe Spark is your one-stop shop for bringing your YouTube channel to life. Once you’ve got your logo, banner, thumbnail, and video intro in your wheelhouse, you’ll be ready to make the final and most important piece – the video! Upload your custom-made intro to your Adobe Spark Video timeline, followed by the filmed content you wish to share. Trim and edit your clips to complete your cohesive narrative.

A reminder to think about your metadata as you upload your video, as it’s just as important as having a high-quality video. Your title, description, and keywords are all metadata that tell search engines how to index your content and make sure it surfaces in front of interested searchers. Craft keyword-rich titles and descriptions and use YouTube’s keyword fields to improve search ranking. Add your bio, tagline, and website link to the description field of every video you publish so it’s easy for viewers to learn more about you, and reconnect with your channel time and time again.

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Instagram: Creating Beautiful, Share-Worthy Content for Your Audience

Instagram Story: Instagram Stories are an opportunity for frequent updates for your audience to follow along with in between posts. Stories can be used to share real-time events, or announce things like sales, product drops, or important announcements. You can tag others in your stories, link to a website, or reshare posts or stories you’ve been tagged in. Because stories are fleeting (live for only 24 hours), it’s a great chance to explore a new voice or approach with your following. Use Adobe Spark Post to make your next Instagram story. Start with the Instagram story size 1080px x 1920px, and then begin to customize a premade template or create your own from scratch! Add photos and logos, switch up the colors, and download and share to your story. Don’t forget to add any relevant tags or hashtags to your post!

Instagram Post: Let your creativity shine through your Instagram posts. With some much content for people to consume, it’s crucial that your Instagram posts stand out amongst the rest in the feed. And the best way to stand out? Be true to you! Share posts that embody you or your brand’s values and messages. Adobe Spark Post’s Instagram post maker starts you off with a framework of template and design options to inspire your creativity. Then, customize your design according to the purpose of your post. Avoid having too much text on your post, and instead, move it to the caption so that way your post can serve as an eye-catching design to grab your audience’s attention. Adobe Spark offers Instagram sizes including square, landscape, and portrait, and allows you to save your designs so you can go back and revise and remix them as much as you’d like.

Instagram Video: Add an extra dimension to your follower’s experience by serving up some video content for them to enjoy. Head to Adobe Spark Video, where you can edit videos on a professional level without any editing experience necessary. Choose from landscape or square formats, then upload your own footage. Add text or create polished graphic animations for a dynamic edit. Download and share your new video to your Instagram feed or IGTV in just minutes!

LinkedIn: Branding Your Page and Maximizing Visibility with Your Posts

LinkedIn Banner: When your LinkedIn profile is jam-packed with impressive career experiences and rich industry knowledge, it can be hard to choose a banner photo to match. There are several different approaches to picking the right banner and Adobe Spark Post is ready to help with all of them. Looking for something professional yet artistic? Explore Spark’s stock photo selection to find a landscape shot of an environment or abstract compositions. Going for something more personal? Build your own banner design from Spark’s selection of templates, and incorporate your own images, logos, or favorite colors and font styles. Start with a canvas to build a LinkedIn header banner that is 1584px x 396px, and then let the creativity flow.

Twitch: Streamlining Designs for your Branded Stream

Twitch Logo: As a streamer, a logo can communicate information to your viewers about what they can expect from your digital persona, along with serving as your own personal mascot. Your logo should resonate with who you are, as well as what about yourself you want to share with your viewers. Take these ideas into consideration as you use Adobe Spark’s logo maker to craft your next Twitch logo. Spark’s easy-to-use logo maker guides you through the process and even offers you designs to get your gears spinning. Instantly download and share your logo wherever you go, both in the real world and online.

Twitch Banner: Your Twitch Banner offers additional real estate for you to share your personal style. Craft your next banner using Adobe Spark Post and the Twitch banner size 900px x 480px. Apply your Twitch logo to your banner, along with incorporating colors and imagery that echo the aesthetic of your logo. Avoid having too much text on your banner, and instead, aim for an eye-catching design that will inspire your viewers.

Tumblr: Creating Banners to Brand Your Blog

Tumblr Banner: Tumblr is a strong contender for impactful social media marketing, especially when sharing written or original content. Use Adobe Spark Post to design a banner photo to impress your visitors the moment they arrive on your page. Spark features a preset image size designed to fit the Tumblr template, so you can focus on exploring your creativity as you build your banner. You can edit and tweak your banner from your mobile device, and sync between desktop and mobile, so you can keep your Tumblr banner up-to-date wherever, whenever.

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Memes: Spark Laughter with Memorable, Creative Marketing

When something makes you laugh, what’s your first reaction? You probably will want to share whatever sparked your giggles with a friend! For this reason, among others, memes can be a powerful marketing tool. Meme culture is driven by the fact people are constantly sharing memes with one another. To create a meme that is marketable, take a piece of your brand content or product, caption it with something relatable, witty, and relevant, and share it to your platforms. If your joke lands, then the right audience will share it among their community, promoting viewership for your content while also earning authority for your brand’s voice that it’s a relevant opinion to the world’s current conversations.

Using Adobe Spark Post as a meme generator couldn’t be easier. Upload a photo or pick from the stock selection of photography as a foundation. Then, give it the winning caption as text overlay or a header. You can then use a simple yet powerful design interface to add backgrounds, change the appearance of text, and make countless cosmetic changes. All you need to create your next viral meme is a computer, an Internet connection, and your own imagination.

Campaign Posters: Change the World with Creative Thinking

Campaign posters, in the context of this article, are a lot less digital media and a lot more social. While of course they can still be shared digitally, you’ll want to put more thought into how your poster adds to the relevant topics of the social conversation. Whether you’re creating a poster for a political campaign or product campaign, be sure to create a striking design to enhance and support your messaging.

Whether you’re running for office in your organization or promoting a political issue you believe in, you have a message that needs to get out into the world. Adobe Spark Post puts the power of instant publishing inside your computer or mobile device, enabling you to generate interest and attract support with professional-looking campaign posters. Get started with templates, then customize as much or as little as it suits you. Give your campaign image a hashtag and plaster it on all your social media profiles, or print out yard signs and organize a work party. Spark is here to give you a visual platform to support your thoughtful messaging.

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How to use Social Media Marketing for Business

  1. Set your Goals

    When planning your next ad campaign, consider planning with the end goal in mind first. The more precise you can be about your final destination, the more efficiently you can execute the optimal journey to get yourself there. Are you seeking to build a following, increase exposure, or develop a brand? What platform(s) matter most to your brand? How much time or costs can you allot to this campaign? These are important questions to help you fine tune your end goal and strategy.

  2. Understand Your Audience

    Who is your audience? When and where do they spend their time online? What content do they react to or engage with? What language or terminology resonates with them? Most social media platforms offer analytics that offer invaluable insight to help you understand more about your audience and how they react to your posts. Also make use of marketing tools and consumer reports online to give yourself an educated leg up on your competitors.

  3. Create Your Graphic or Video Content

    Adobe Spark’s creative tools come ready with the preset sizes you’ll need for any of your digital marketing collateral. Additionally, Adobe Spark supports you even more with professionally designed templates to get your creative gears going. Revise and remix templates to align with your branding, and customize with your branded colors and logos. Don’t forget to target different audiences with different types of posts. One campaign can look many different ways based on who it’s being presented to. Luckily, Adobe Spark saves your designs so you can create copies or go back and edit originally versions to suit a new audience.

  4. Where and When to Post

    There are countless tools out there to help you optimize your campaign – don’t ignore them! The best time to post on Instagram or send a marketing email varies by platform and by audience. Use your platform’s analytics to help you understand best when your audience is online, and when they are engaged the most. The same applies to which channel you post to. Don’t waste time or resources posting to Facebook when your audience primarily uses Twitter, for example. Spending just 10 minutes on some light research can have astounding results for your strategy.

  5. Know How Often to Post

    The key here is to find a perfect balance of posting just the right amount to remain visible to your audience without overwhelming their feed. Here are some general rules to get you started and see how your audience responds. For Facebook and LinkedIn, try a post a day. Instagram engagement is more effective with two posts a day. For Twitter, you can tweet up to 15 times, spread throughout the day whenever your audience is generally online. And for YouTube, you’ll want to consider creating a consistent upload schedule so your audience knows when to tune in. These are general guidelines, and the more you post, the more you can analyze your results. Don’t forget to engage with your followers through likes, comments, and resposts during the time you spend online! This also helps algorithms connect you with the right audience.

  6. Share Your Posts

    With Adobe Spark, it’s as easy as can be to save and share your designs in mere minutes. Adobe Spark offers all the sharing capabilities, and even saves your designs so you can go back and revisit them as needed. Share your designs digitally across your platforms, and download them to get them printed to share as handout collateral for your brand.

Using Creativity to Succeed at Social Media Marketing

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you post, the more you learn about how to do it the best for your brand. Don’t be afraid to explore with trial and error, and don’t hesitate to flesh out unconventional creative ideas you might have. When it comes to social media, standing out is your strength, so if you have a brilliant idea give it life with Adobe Spark!

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