Staying Safe and Connected During Coronavirus

Some templates to help you during this time.

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Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe creativity and connection will help us heal and grow stronger together through this. In an effort to help us stay connected and healthy, we’ve rounded up tips and templates to help you navigate these trying times.

Share Critical, Factual Information

Acting together for the greater good is paramount to slowing the spread of the virus. Use these designs to share critical information to your network about emergency protocol, ways to stay healthy, and anything else that will help people stay safe in your area.

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Social Media Connection in the Time of Social Distancing

We may have to self-isolate physically, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Use these templates to help connect online with loved ones. And remember, everything is temporary. There may even be an opportunity to have a little fun.

How Small Businesses Can Get Creative

Our hearts go out to the small business owners and entrepreneurs whose businesses have been affected. We’ve seen amazing examples of creativity in the short term. Consider taking your business virtual if you can. Offer gift cards and coupons to customers who are looking to support you. Consider special promotions or sales to move products. Or simply just keep engaging on social media so you stay in touch with your customers.

Staying Busy and Staying Calm at Home

Feeling restless at home? Here are ideas for passing the time and staying sane as we hunker down.

Make Someone Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Share your own on social--it might be just what someone needs to see.

How to Stay Connected with Family & Friends

  1. Video chat an old friend

    Been meaning to make that call to check in on your best friend from high school? Your roommate from college? Favorite aunt? No time like the present. Pick up your phone and call or video chat your loved ones. Seeing people face-to-face is special and will help you stay connected.

  2. Kick it old school! Make a pen pal!

    Worried you'll be on your devices all day long? Take a few minutes to shut everything down and write a letter. It will not only help you work on your penmanship, but also allows you time to breathe, think and reflect. Everyone loves receiving mail and that small act of thoughtfulness will make a real difference for your loved ones.

  3. Virtual movie nights

    Pick a fun movie to watch and invite your friends over for a virtual movie night. FaceTime each other (so you can comment on all the cheesy lines) and watch in tandem. BYO popcorn!

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