Great Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower

All the tips, tricks, and creative tools you need to plan a beautiful baby shower

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A baby is on the way! Let’s shower the mama with love and joy with a party she’ll always remember. Whether you’re throwing the baby shower, attending it, or even the expecting mother, Adobe Spark has an assortment of creative tools to help with the planning process and maximize the fun.

Creating a Beautiful Baby Shower with Adobe Spark

A baby is on the way! Let’s shower the mama with love and joy with a party she’ll always remember. Whether you’re throwing the baby shower, attending it, or even the expecting mother, Adobe Spark has an assortment of creative tools to help with the planning process and maximize the fun. Spark offers creative ideas like themes, templates, logos, and stock content to help you craft a theme for your party, while maintaining customization options that create a party as unique as the soon-to-be newborn. Spark also feature different baby shower icons for you to start your design. Explore our guide below to planning, decorating, and celebrating your next baby shower.

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Pregnancy Announcements

Congratulations on your exciting announcement! Adobe Spark is here to help you share your wonderful news with your family and friends. Generally, you’ll want to announce a pregnancy around the end of the first trimester, or 10-12 weeks. Once you’re ready to share the wonderful news, Adobe Spark has loads of options for you to choose from! With Adobe Spark Post, you can create a custom design with pregnancy announcement templates with added personal details and photos. Create a design to share on social media, or print out a card to send to your loved ones. If videos are more your style, get creative with Adobe Spark Video. You can upload footage of your announcement and edit it with special effects, or create a photo slideshow to share photos of the new bump. Whatever option works best for you, Adobe Spark makes it easy to save and share within moments.

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Your Baby Shower Wishlist

It might be helpful for the expecting mama to put together a wish list for her guests. Perhaps she has lots of hand-me-downs from previous kiddos and now needs lots of diapers and toiletries instead of clothes! Whatever the case may be, it’s important to express, either in a wish list, registry, or conversation, with her guests about what her needs are. For the mom, it’s also important to consider that while you might have certain requests, guests are also entitled to give you whatever they feel is best. Maybe a guest has an heirloom item for a gift that you never knew you needed! Be vocal about your general needs, and open to receiving gifts that ultimately should all come from the heart.

If you’d like to build a wish list, Adobe Spark Post makes it easy to do so! Piggyback off the design used for you invitation and turn it into an itemized list with some of your requested items. You can send your wish list in the mail with your invite, or email to guests upon receiving their RSVP. If you have a registry, you can also add the link on your wishlist.

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Sending Out Your Baby Shower Invitation

Whether you’re organizing your own event or creating it for a friend or family member, you want your DIY baby shower invitations to be as unique as the child whose arrival you’re celebrating. The simplicity and power of Adobe Spark lets you experiment, test and change your baby shower invites until they look exactly right. If your busy life keeps you on the go, the mobile iOS version of Spark is always close at hand. Explore templates and themes, or create your own based on your personal planning for the shower. Know that Spark’s themes are consistent across different sizes and assets, making it easy to create paper goods that are cohesive throughout the process.

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Things to do at Baby Showers

A baby shower is an opportunity for guests to mix and mingle with the expecting mama (or both parents!) perhaps for the first time since the pregnancy announcement. Consider activities that are good for mingling, that will give guests plenty of opportunities to socialize in meaningful ways and show their support for the mama-to-be.

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Personalized Print-Out Activities & Games

Games and activities are well-loved activities at baby showers, so let’s have some fun and let your creativity lead the way! Adobe Spark Post offers templates for bingo cards that are customizable for the theme and the mama being celebrated. Or, play around with a design to make superlative cards, baby name games, attributes guesser, and more! With Spark Post’s easy-to-navigate interface, your customization options are endless.

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Gender Reveal Announcement

Ready to make the big reveal? So is Adobe Spark! First, take a moment to think about what you want your reveal to look like. Thinking about sharing your announcement over social media? Graphics or videos are a great way to get your announcement whenever you’re ready to share! Or, using Adobe Spark Post, you can create printable designs such as posters or banners to hang at a gender reveal party. Or, use Adobe Spark Page to create an interactive web page to post your gender reveal along with photos and updates on your baby’s growth. Want it to be a surprise for you? Ask a friend to take care of the design, as Adobe Spark is intuitive for anyone to use, no design experience necessary.

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Delight Guests with a Delicious Menu

Food should be a top priority at a baby shower! Don’t fill up your guests on lackluster snacks and junk food. Rather, offer fresh, nourishing menu options that will have your guests cleaning their plates! Cook your specialties or serve dishes from your favorite restaurants, and inform your guests of what to expect with a custom menu. Create a menu using Adobe Spark Post that follows your theme. You can print out your menu as a poster to hang by the buffet table, or print out individual menus that have the names of your guests on them to place on their assigned seat. Personalized menus are a nice touch that take your décor efforts to the next level.

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Surprise Guests with a Custom Raffle

Raffle tickets are a great way to get guests excited with a giveaway, and you can whip them up in a flash with Spark Post’s print-ready template. With Spark Post’s easy to navigate interface, your customization options are endless.

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Custom Tags for Gifts & Party Favors

Take your design and theme elements and translate them into a gift tag size for all your baby shower tagging needs! Customize each tag with “to and from” fields for those giving gifts to the mama being celebrated. Show off your gift tag design by attaching it to party favor goodie bags or parting gifts for guests. Explore fonts and layout options to make a custom tag for each guest, or leave a blank space and calligraph or handwrite in the names later. With Adobe Spark Post, it’s as easy as can be to save, share, download, and print your designs, all within minutes!

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Baby Shower Thank You Card

Sometimes sending thank you cards can feel like a tedious task, but reflecting on your gratitude and the kindness of others is a heartfelt activity that can be made easy with Adobe Spark. Choose from pre-designed themes and templates to find one that resonates with you, or echoes the theme of your baby shower for consistency. You can create a stationery design with blank space to hand write your thank you note, or type it out into your design. Save and share your design, and send it within a few weeks following the shower.

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Sending Congratulations Before the Baby Shower

As a guest, you can show your excitement by expressing a message of congratulations to the expecting mama! Send a small note or a digital greeting her way to show your support for her pregnancy, and get her excited about the upcoming shower. Explore Spark Post’s themes and templates to craft a greeting that suits the occasion. You can save, download, and share your design in just a few clicks to send via text, email, or in the mail. Or, take a video of yourself sharing your message of congratulations and upload it to Spark Video, where you can apply graphics and music to your video to make it fun and festive for the occasion! However you decide to do it, know that it doesn’t need to be big and flashy. A heartfelt message is enough to show your support and put a smile on mama’s face.

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Baby Shower Ideas for Girls

Having a girl? Might be time to think pink! If you’re having trouble picking a theme, start with the color that reflects the baby’s gender and then go from there. Pink flowers, pink fruits, pink animals, even pink footballs! Pink doesn’t have to be the old school definition of girly, instead it can be applied as an accent color to celebrate the newborn. Play around with different shades of pink, using gradients of pink, and pairing pink with other colors such as orange, gold, silver, or lavender, to name a few.

But pink isn’t the only thing that’s feminine! Take time to reflect on colors, childhood stories, movies, or places that were impactful to you when you were young, and then build a theme off that. Maybe it’s a rainbow themed party, monochromatic, or all-white. Perhaps it feels right to make it a Disney themed party, all about arctic animals, or focused on florals. Adobe Spark Post’s premade baby shower invitation themes are also a great place to reference inspiration for your theme. And it’s important to note, while it’s a party for the baby, you want to make sure your efforts at geared towards planning a party that the mama and all the guests can enjoy.

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Baby Shower Ideas for Boys

Consider the personal style of the parents bringing this newborn into the world. Are they more traditional and preppy? Opt for pastels such as light blues and greens. Are they dedicated sports fans? Maybe you want to plan a party with their team’s favorite colors! Explore ideas and trust in your intuition of what will spark the most joy with mama and her guests.

If it’s an all-women baby shower, you might want to plan a party décor that celebrates the arrival of a baby boy with more feminine decorations. If it’s a co-ed baby shower, you can go for a theme that will appeal to all with more bright colors and modern decorations.

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Tips on Planning a Baby Shower

  1. Choose a Theme

    Deciding on a theme for a baby shower is helpful as it serves as a guide to refer back to as you make the rest of your planning and décor decisions. Adobe Spark’s templates feature theme ideas to help you get inspired if you’re not sure where to start. Spark’s designs are also versatile, so if you have a theme in mind with no design to match, you can adjust colors, design elements, and upload your own graphics and photos to create printed paper goods that showcase your custom theme.

  2. Invite Your Guests

    Nail down the details as soon as possible to let your guests know when and where you’d like them to come celebrate the shower. Be sure to include who’s the host and who’s the mama, where the shower is being held, and when to come. Show off your theme, and any other personal details that will get your guests excited for the wonderful day! Oh, and don’t forget RSVP information. Send your invites digitally or download and print to send in the mail.

  3. Plan Your Party Agenda

    Now that the technicalities are out of the way, it’s time to have some fun! Baby showers are a great opportunity for special activities unique to the occasion. There are countless types of games, crafts, and activities to inspire joy and laughter with your guests. If you plan to play games that involve paper goods, design your printouts for free with Adobe Spark Post. Break up any games with a meal or light bites, and use Spark Post to make your menu for your guests to know what they have to look forward to. Print out décor for free with your themed designs, along with other favors such as name tags or small cards for guests to write “Advice for the Mama-to-be.” Be sure to strike a perfect balance between activities and the right amount of free time for guests to socialize and check out the baby bump for themselves!

  4. Top it off with Party Favors

    Treat your guests to a parting gift as a way of thanking them for their presence and generosity, that can also double as a token for them to remember the lovely day! Consider your theme, and any gifts that might follow suit as a party favor. Also, rather than putting together a goodie bag full of extraneous knick-knacks, think about gifting one special item that will serve a longer and more fulfilling purpose. Tack on a custom tag using your Adobe Spark Post design skills for a personalized touch to your gift!

  5. Cherish the Memories

    While it’s important to be present and enjoy every moment to the fullest, don’t forget to document the occasion! Take photos, ask guests to take photos and create a shared album, pass out disposable cameras for guests to use, or hire a photographer. Share your photos with photo slideshow or collages made with Adobe Spark. Another great idea is to make a guest book for party-goers to sign at the party and dole out some of their most helpful advice for the mama-to-be.

  6. Express Gratitude

    Just like our mothers taught us, you should always say thank you. Do so in a timely manner with customized stationery made with Adobe Spark, sent digitally or via mail. Make sure to thank each guest for their attendance, their gift (if they brought one), and for any advice they had to share.

Plan the Best Baby Shower with Adobe Spark

Organize a fun and festive celebration for free with Adobe Spark! You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to create something meaningful and memorable, but rather, designing a party from the heart with personalized touches will have the greatest impact. Plan a party that is unique to the mama-to-be with design elements that celebrate the baby on the way. Keep your guests entertained with games and activities, and make every person feel special with parting gifts as a symbol of gratitude. Get your guests excited about the upcoming arrival, and keep them updated with a gender reveal announcement and other updates using your designs from the shower. Consider Adobe Spark to be your stork, delivering design and planning tools to your doorstep for you to plan the most precious baby shower yet!

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