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Explore countless timetable templates to help you get started building your own. Adobe Spark Post features timetable samples that are made by professional designers that serve as a strong foundation so all you need to do is customize and let your own creativity shine. Check out our guide below for tips on building your next timetable with Spark Post.

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How to make a timetable with Adobe Spark

  1. Outline the details

    Think about what kind of timetable you’re making, and what details you’ll need to include. Consider the time frames you’ll need to feature and how you’ll organize each block on your schedule.

  2. Explore timetable templates

    Dive into Adobe Spark’s inspiration gallery to discover professionally-designed timetable templates ready to use. Choose a template that resonates with you and make it your own.

  3. Personalize your timetable

    Customize your template to create the perfect timetable. Adjust the typography, or add imagery such as borders, headers, or icons to pair with each time block. If you have personal branding, such as logos or graphics, upload them to Spark Post and drop them in.

  4. Choose a color palette

    Adobe Spark Post features a color palette tool to help you create a harmonious design. Create your own palette by selecting colors or entering in hex values or choose from Spark’s recommended palettes.

  5. Save, send, and share your timetable

    Once your timetable has it all, hit that publish button. You can share your timetable digitally via email, link sharing, or your social platforms. Or print out your timetable to keep in your planner or hang on your fridge. Adobe Spark saves your designs so you can always revisit your timetable if you need to make adjustments to your schedule.

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