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Design a custom t-shirt graphic with Adobe Spark Post

Designing a t-shirt for an organization, event, team, or just for fun? Create an outstanding design you’ll want to wear again and again, with a little help from Adobe Spark Post. Adobe Spark Post features samples that are made by professional designers that can serve as a strong foundation for you, and so all you need to do is customize and let your own creativity shine! Check out our guide below for tips on designing your next t-shirt with Spark Post.

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How to make your custom t-shirt design

  1. Explore professionally designed templates

    Dive into Adobe Spark’s inspiration gallery to discover templates ready for you to use. Type in keywords for whatever your design entails, be it a fundraiser, sports team, or high school graduation, just to name a few examples. Choose a template that resonates with you, and then get ready to make it your own!

  2. Personalize your t-shirt design

    Customize your template to create the perfect t-shirt design. Adjust the typography, play with the color palette, or rotate and resize it. With Spark Post, the options are endless!

  3. Add imagery or upload your own

    Looking to add imagery to your t-shirt? Adobe Spark features free stock photos and icons you can use in your design. Play with borders, layering icons, or framing photos. Upload your own photos from a variety of different libraries to showcase on your shirt. If you have branding such as logos or graphics, upload them to Spark Post and drop them in!

  4. Test out your design

    Adobe Spark Post is a multi-faceted design tool. While working on your graphic, drop a t-shirt icon or stock photo of a model wearing a white t-shirt into your design. Send it to the back so your design sits on top of the shirt image, and see how it looks! Adjust the size, placement, or composition as necessary.

  5. Save, send, and share your t-shirt design

    Once your t-shirt has it all, hit that publish button! You can share your t-shirt digitally via email, link sharing, or your social platforms. Add collaborators so they can provide feedback on your design. Shoot the link to your printing press to order your t-shirts. Or, print out your t-shirt design to screen print or make a stencil on your own. Adobe Spark saves your designs, so you can always revisit your t-shirt design if you need to update it.

Let Adobe Spark be your t-shirt design expert

Designing your own t-shirt is incredibly empowering, and once you find out how fun it is, you’ll want to do it for every occasion! Take pride in your designs, even if you have no formal design experience at all, as Adobe Spark Post serves as an excellent guide in helping you create something impressive. Easily create, save, and share your t-shirt designs, so you can rock them wherever you go.