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Make your yard sale the talk of the town with Adobe Spark Post’s yard sale sign templates.

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Create Eye-Catching Yard Sale Signs with Adobe Spark Post

If you’re prepping for a yard sale, you may not have a ton of spare time to get crafty with your sign, which is why Spark Post makes the process quick and easy. Spark’s free yard sale sign templates are professionally designed with the ability for you to customize according to your needs. Choose a size that works for you, add your details, and spice it up with any images or graphics that give a taste of what’s in store at your sale. Follow our instructions below to create your sign, for free, in minutes.

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How to Create a Yard Sale Sign with Adobe Spark

  1. Pick Your Size

    Adobe Spark Post offers an array of document sizes for you to pick from, but you can also enter in your own custom size if you have a specific idea in mind.

  2. Add a Photo

    Photos aren’t necessary for a yard sale sign, but can be helpful if you’d like to include a photo of your home to make it easier for potential buyers. Upload a photo and add any necessary touch ups with our photo editor.

  3. Try Out Some Templates

    Spark’s professionally designed templates allow you to play around with your layout. Think about how you organize your information on the sign, and as you do so, make sure the important details are visible from someone viewing from a distance. Aim for clean, bold fonts, contrasting colors, and showcasing the most important details.

  4. Download, Print, and Share Your Sign

    In just a few clicks, you can download and share your yard sale sign. Consider a digital download to send out to all your email contacts or share it across your social platforms. Or you can print out your sign at home or with a printer and mount it throughout the neighborhood.

Create a Yard Sale Success with Adobe Spark Post

Chances are you’ve put in some hard work to put on this yard sale and are hoping to get the most visibility possible with your signs. Adobe Spark lets you present detailed information in a professional and appealing way. Use our templates to save time on your design and spend more time on building excitement for the sale. Putting in the time now to create an impressive sign, means you can keep it to use again and again for future spring cleanings.

Yard Sale Sign Templates