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As your near the end of high school, you’ll want to prepare yourself with a resumé to showcase your strengths and accomplishments for college admission offices and employers alike. Your resumé can serve multiple purposes: for one, it can serve as a foundation for your Common App and specific college applications. Additionally, it’s a great resource for teachers or mentors who are writing your letters of recommendation. And, you’ll likely find a resumé is required for applying for scholarships and, eventually, jobs.

Present yourself as the best candidate!

A resumé is your opportunity to summarize yourself up as you’d like to be seen. Use your resumé to highlight experiences and skills that may not have made it into your Common App, and organize your information to show readers the hierarchy of your experiences. Spark Post offers clean and thoughtfully designed templates to help you present yourself as the best possible candidate you can be!

What to include on your high school resumé

Personal Details: This includes your name, phone number, address, and a professional email address. Follow with your current school and anticipated graduation date.

Academic Information: Include your weighted GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores, and class rank if applicable. Then, you’ll want to add anything that isn’t on your school transcript. This might include summer programs, college courses, or specialized workshops or intensives that you completed outside of school

Recognitions: Showcase any academic awards, honors, publications or achievements in this section. Prepare a brief description about each.

Extracurricular Experiences: This can include the standard extracurriculars such as clubs, sports, leadership positions, community service, work experience, or hobbies, but is not limited to only those. Use this opportunity to highlight anything you’ve achieved that took significant time and energy, and that added to your growth in an important way.

Special Skills: Introduce any skills you might have here, whether your learned them at school or on your own time. This includes languages, software, technical skills, or strong suits.

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How to compose your high school resume for college

  1. Choose an Adobe Spark Layout or Template

    Present your resumé using a clean, professional one-page layout. Keeping that in mind, decide on a layout that best suits your needs. If you’re eager to showcase your extracurricular section, make sure the template you choose will give you enough space for everything you plan to include. Now, for a few design tips. First, maintain white space! Use concise language to minimize text, keep your margins at 1 inch, and arrange your sections with ample space in between. Choose a serif font for professionalism, and black type on a white page to make your resumé easy to print. Use design tools such as bolding or capitalizing headers to create hierarchy, and bullet points for organization.

  2. Organize Your Information

    Using the outline presented earlier in this article, you can begin to fill out your details in your Adobe Spark layout. The top priority is your name and personal details, so place those in the header. Next is your education & academic information. After that, you can choose either recognitions, extracurriculars, or skills in any order based on what you’re most excited to share. Traditionally, most points should be organized chronologically, but if there is another method more relevant to your information (such as by importance of activity or time commitment) explore that instead.

  3. Present Yourself

    Be clear and concise with your presentation. Use unique language that describes great detail in few words. Emphasize important points such as your strongest skills or greatest accomplishments. When making a statement about an achievement or leadership role, provide dates and detail to give insight into your experience.

  4. Proofread Your Draft

    Don’t worry about getting it right the first time around – plan on exploring multiple drafts to help you arrive at the best presentation possible! Print your resumé and read it out loud to proofread. If you can, send your resumé to trusted friends, family, or mentors for their opinions on any improvements or changes.

Let Spark Help You!

The college application process is rigorous and stressful, so let Adobe Spark take some of that weight off your shoulders. Our layouts and templates were created with strong design in mind so all you have to do is fill in the details! Spark allows you to easily download your design so you can share it in whatever format you need, be it printed or digital. Get excited about building your resumé and sharing your experience with college admissions officers and employers alike. With a little help from Spark, your future is already looking bright!

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