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A professional looking resume with all the right touches can be a key to getting that dream job. And now, you don’t have to pay a resume design service to create one. With Adobe Spark’s free resume builder, you can create a resume that's unique and eye-catching entirely on your own -- even if you’ve never designed anything before.

Spark has all your resume needs

Adobe Spark is a suite of online design tools that makes it easy to create projects of all kinds for use both in print and on the web. Along with Spark Post for short projects and Video for videos and animations, Adobe Spark offers Page, a versatile and free resume maker that also allows you to include video, images and galleries. With Spark Page’s gallery of templates, styles and images, you can make a resume for any kind of job, save it to your personal Projects gallery, and share it at any time.

Create a resume now

Customize your resume even more

With the other tools in Adobe Spark’s design suite, you can customize your resume even more. Use Spark Post to add your project to blog posts and social sites, or choose from a variety of sizes and dimensions for printing. Use Spark Video to create resume-related videos that can stand alone or be embedded into your Spark page and other websites.

Need help? Adobe Spark is more than a set of online tools – it’s a design community as well, with an inspiration gallery of completed projects, tutorials and design resources for all of the Spark tools. Browse them for ideas and suggestions to make your project look its best.

Save time and money with Spark

Whether you’re looking for a job down the street or across the world, you need a resume that looks just right, both in print and online. With Spark Page’s fast and easy free resume maker, you can create an attention-getting, professional resume in a variety of styles without spending a cent – or a lot of time.

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Spark features

Beautiful typography

Choose from a variety of free professionally designed fonts for every occasion.

Iconic imagery

Select from thousands of photos on the web or pick from your personal collections on Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, Dropbox or Google Photos.

Professional themes

Explore our wide variety of best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts. Easily tweak them with the text, photos, and icons that best fit your needs.

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Create your own resume nowCreate a resume nowCreate your resume now

How to make a resume

  1. Choose your theme

    Click “Theme” at the top of the page, and take your pick from several ready-made themes. Choose the design and color combination that suits your brand message, and tweak it using a selection of customization options.

  2. Choose content to highlight

    After you’ve added text to your theme template, highlight the key points. Select the content you want to highlight and then choose from the options that appear, including block quote, bulleted and numbered lists, and links.

  3. Stand out with images

    Add your logo or other visual content by clicking the “Plus” sign that appears between sections. Choose from the many images in Spark’s gallery of Creative Commons-licensed photographs, or upload your own images and videos from your computer.

  4. Communicate with engaging text

    Click the “Text” link in the main menu, and input the text you think will resonate with your target audience. There are several customization options that allow you to personalize your text, including options for opacity, spacing, text color and size.

  5. Share your work

    Once you’re completely happy with your design and work, you can share it to the world via your social media accounts, personal website, or a variety of other channels you might use.