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Think of a quotation like a combination of a proposal and an invoice. Prior to offering goods or services, you might provide a client with a quotation to propose the services in question, and lay out anticipated prices and costs. A quotation is different from an estimate, as with a quote, you’ll want to offer formal language and as exact pricing as possible. Quotes can be used as references in retrospect for legal or contractual purposes, so they should be as clear and correct as can be. Since a quote is part of your business, you’ll want to include your own personal branding and creative touch with your design, and that’s where Adobe Spark Post comes in.

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Adobe Spark Post offers endless customizable options to provide you with every opportunity to craft an impressive and professional quotation. Once your details are in place, toy with your themes, templates, colors, and fonts to craft a compelling quote that will make your clients thrilled to do business with you. Add in photos or media that helps support your quote and proposed services, and publish and share in just a few clicks! Follow our guide below to get your creative juices flowing as you begin to build your next quote.

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How to Create a Quotation

  1. Start with the Details

    Before you get carried away with your creativity, make sure all your details are in order. You’ll want to have a quotation header that features your company or professional name, contact info, quotation number, and the recipient's info, to name a few suggestions. The body of your document will feature any descriptions of proposed services, along with an invoice-style layout of prices, costs, taxes, and totals. A page footer might include a sign off, signature line, or another call to action based on your needs. Double- and triple-check your details ahead of time so you can copy and paste them into your design and begin to focus on your layout.

  2. Customize Your Letter

    There are endless customization options with Adobe Spark Post. Pick from a vast selection of themes, and then begin to customize with color and imagery. Choose a font that best resonates with your brand, and adjust styles and colors as needed. It’s easy to format text on your page by dragging and dropping text boxes with smart guides at your aid.

  3. Add Photos and Branding

    If you have imagery relevant to your business, or branded logos and design elements, you can upload them and include them in your quote! Be sure to complement your color scheme with any added imagery.

  4. Send and Share Your Quotation

    Once you’re done putting the final touches on your quote, it’s as simple as can be to share with your recipients. Press “share” in the top corner to publish or share your design with clients. Or, you can download your post to print out for physical deliveries. Adobe Spark saves your design, so you can return back to it for edits, or rebuild the quote for future business.

Let Spark be your Professional Quotation Expert

Elevate your business by taking your branded collateral to the next level with Adobe Spark Post. Customize quotation templates to resonate with your brand, and adjust any design to suit your needs properly. For the best possible quote, don’t forget the contact details, the proposal, and the numbers, all wrapped up with a sign-off or call to action at the finish. Dressing up this information with Adobe Spark Post’s easy to use design interface is a sure fire way to land your next deal and create trust and enthusiasm with your clients. Let Adobe Spark Post make your tedious tasks a delight to accomplish!

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