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An electronic press kit — or EPK — is a digital solution for showcasing the services or products of a business or individual. Whether you’re drumming up business for your band or trying to win new clients for your company, Adobe Spark Page lets you create an electronic press kit that will set you or your organization apart from the competition. Use a combination of video, still images and text to communicate your unique selling points to the people who matter.

Create a press kit that defines your brand

Adobe Spark Page allows you to create a media or public relations campaign that can grow and develop your brand. Without any programming or design knowledge, you can put together a media kit that demonstrates the benefits of your service in a concise and eye-catching way.

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How to make a press kit

  1. Pick a catchy message and tagline

    The first element you'll add to your electronic press kit is a title and a subtitle. Use it effectively to make a positive first impression to any potential customer viewing your page.

  2. Choose a theme

    Click “Theme” at the top of the page, and take your pick from several ready-made themes. Choose the design and color combination that suits your brand message, and tweak it using a selection of customization options.

  3. Showcase your brand with images

    You can select photos to include in your press kit by choosing the Photos option as you create your page. Choose images from Creative Commons that are pertinent to your business, or personalize your press kit with images of your own.

  4. Communicate with engaging text

    Click the “Text” link in the main menu, and input the text you think will resonate with your target audience. There are several customization options that allow you to personalize your text, including options for opacity, spacing, text color and size.

  5. Share your press kit

    Once you’re completely happy with the design of your press kit, you can share it via your social media accounts or a variety of other marketing channels you might use.

Create completely original media kits

Chances are your prospective customers and contacts receive several media kits every week. You can make sure your press kit stands out from the crowd by making it eye-catching and completely unique — with the various customization options available for free with Adobe Spark Page. Try out an almost endless combination of images, text, colors and themes to create something that represents your brand values. You can see every change you make instantly.

Using Spark Page as a media kit template just couldn’t be easier. You start the design process by giving your project a headline. This will be the main message in your EPK template, so write something that sends the right message. But don’t worry if you change your mind, as you can change the text at any time.

Design professional marketing tools quickly

Creating professional media kits with Adobe Spark is fast, simple and completely free. Instead of paying a marketing or design company to create your press kits, you can create them yourself in just a few minutes. The various customization options available allow you to design something that can differentiate your brand from the competition. You get the quality you would expect from a professional media kit service without the price tag.

Use Adobe Spark to create professional, attention-grabbing media kits that are capable of growing your business.

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