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Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom posters. No design skills necessary.

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Adobe Spark offers a range of poster templates and layouts that you can use to create your own custom posters for sharing on social media and for print.

Design Your Own Poster with Our Templates

Countless design customization options await you, and all you need to make use of them is a mouse and a keyboard.

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How to create a poster

  1. Choose poster size

    When you open the Spark Post app, you’ll have a range of size options to choose from. Choose a canvas size for printed posters or for posting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can also enter in your own custom size if you have a specific need.

  2. What is your mood?

    Next, you can start building your own design or choose a theme, which determines the layout and overall appearance of your own poster. Scroll through Spark’s library of template and layout options and choose one that suits the mood of your poster.

  3. Choose an eye-catching visual

    Choose a background image for your own poster by selecting “Background” and then “Replace Photo.” You can import an image from Facebook, Google Photos, Dropbox, Lightroom or Creative Cloud, upload an image from your computer, or search through thousands of royalty-free images.

  4. Let your poster speak

    Next, select “Text” and use the options to alter the font, shape, color, spacing and alignment of the text on your poster. Once you’ve created a strong headline for your poster, you can add more text boxes or leave your poster with a minimalist style.

  5. Share or download

    Once you’ve made your poster, you can download it, print it, or share it to social media at the touch of a button. Simply select “Share” and then choose which social networks you want to add your poster to.

Explore with More Features

Now you’ve created your first Spark poster, you can start to explore the more advanced features of this powerful online poster maker. Explore the menus to find more options for customizing your poster, such as applying filters to your background image and changing the color palette. Use these features to create your own custom posters, each of which is as unique as it is beautiful.

Spark Post automatically saves your poster designs, so you can come back to them and tweak them as much as you like until they’re ready to share. Create movie posters, music posters, business posters, motivational posters, or anything else that captures your imagination.

Why Make a Poster With Spark Post?

Making a poster and sharing it on social media can bring many benefits. If your poster is eye-catching, you are likely to attract many likes, comments and new followers, which is useful if you are trying to build up a business or personal marketing advertisements on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Posters can also deliver messages in a very persuasive way, as they combine strong words with images that can emotionally engage the viewer. Now that Spark’s online poster maker has made poster design a very quick, cheap, and easy process, creating and sharing posters has become a very efficient method of attracting attention online or in the real world. Why not give it a try today 100% free?

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