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Pinterest is an incredibly powerful digital tool. It can serve as a social media by connecting Pinners with pins and users who have similar interests. It can be a mood board, a reading list, and a database all in one. You can also use Pinterest as a marketing tool to promote your own content to entirely new audiences.

Take your original content, such as written blogs or travel photography, for example, and turn it into an eye-catching pin to create brand awareness and invite new audiences to your site.

Make a Customized Pinterest Pin Graphic with Adobe Spark Post

Let your personality shine through creatively designed pins that you can create with ease, using Spark Post.

Pinterest Pin Size

The feed on Pinterest is displayed as a sort of “collage,” arranging pins of all different sizes next to each other like a perfect Tetris stack. However, the columns in the feed are fixed, while the rows are not, which gives vertically formatted images the upperhand.

The ideal image size for a pin is 735px by 1102px, or a 2:3 aspect ratio of a different size. If your content is square or horizontal, try cropping it to fit in this vertical 2:3 format. If that’s not an option, then a horizontal or square graphic will work fine, just keep in mind it will appear smaller in the feed. Pinterest is a place for sharing ideas, so don’t be afraid to make something creative and out of the box.

How to Create Custom Pinterest Pins

  1. Choose Your Canvas Size

    Adobe Spark Post comes loaded with all sorts of different canvas sizes for any of your graphic needs. You can also enter in a specific size for a specific need. Find a premade “Pinterest Pin” size under the “Resize” option in your Spark workspace, which is set to 735px by 1102px. This is a 2:3 aspect ratio, which is ideal for Pinterest. If your content is square or horizontal, try cropping it to fit in this vertical 2:3 format. If that’s not an option, then a horizontal or square graphic will work fine.

  2. Explore Professional Templates

    Spark Post’s endless selection of templates is a great place to start if you need some direction in creating your custom pin. From your mobile app, you can access templates right from your Spark Post home screen. On desktop, you can explore apps from inside your Spark Post workspace. Type in a search term such as “Pinterest Pin,” or a key word that is relevant to your content such as “infographic” or “recipe.” If you find a template you like, you can always resize it with ease to fit the Pinterest Pin size, and customize every other aspect as well from the colors, type, imagery, and more!

  3. Add Photos to Your Background

    A good photo can make for the perfect foundation of an eye-catching pin. Upload your own content right to your workspace, either from your device’s library, social channels, or Creative Cloud. Another option is to explore Spark’s impressive library of stunning stock photos. If you don’t have the photo you’re envisioning in your personal library, you’ll likely find it here.

  4. Add Graphics to Your Design

    Once you’ve added your photo, bring in some graphics to take it to the next level! Drop in bold type and enhance it with text effects. Explore Spark’s free icon library for graphics to use as complements to the design or social icons. Play with layout options to add in additional photos or borders. The options start to feel endless!

  5. Animate Your Design

    If you’re creating your Pin with your Spark Post mobile app, then the ability to animate your pin is right at your fingertips! Use text and photo effects to enhance content already in your design. Or, explore animated GIF icons that you can sprinkle into your design so it can stand out among others in the Pinterest feed.

  6. Save and Share Your Design

    Once you’ve customized your pin to your heart’s content, tap on the share icon in the top right corner and download your design so you can upload right to your Pinterest boards. And remember, Spark Post saves all your designs for you in your Projects folder, so you can pause at any point and return back to your design if you need to take a break. Or, duplicate a design to switch it up for future pins!

Let Your Creativity Shine by using Adobe Spark Post

Pinterest is a social network that connects people all across the world and inspires them on a daily basis with new, beautiful, and original content. Let your content be something that inspires and motivates your audience. Post the content you have to share to your boards, connect with like-minded users, and increase your exposure with custom-made pins. Spark Post makes it simple for you to design something original, so you can stress less about the process and enjoy letting your creativity shine.

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